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jcniest5 02-22-13 07:55 AM

Did ZipZoomFly die? Or is it just underconstructed?

saturnotaku 02-22-13 09:50 AM

That place was shut down and sold off a couple years ago.


Q 02-22-13 05:57 PM

They used to be one of my go to places a few years ago. I guess undercutting NewEgg on prices on paper margins will only get you so far.

Shamrock 02-22-13 10:38 PM

No, what gets you shut down is not backing your products, and refusing to take items back. Happened to me twice.

It was so bad they renamed themselves twice. It began as Xtraplus. After that, it was Googlegear (copyright Google), then ZZF. They even had claims of fraud. After I didn't get my 2nd rebate, I never went back.

jcniest5 02-23-13 03:35 AM

Hmmm....I had good experience with them the few times I ordered something. Oh well, it tells us that unless you are a top notch vendor, you can't go too far.

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