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Melfranks 03-03-13 06:07 PM

My new ride
Just traded in my Veloster for this, a 2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec.
Yup, it's snow everywhere, but I had to jump on this deal as these are a bit hard to find around here. This one actually came to Minnesota from Wisconsin.
Briefly, 3.8 liter 348hp V6, rear wheel drive, Brembo braking, Torsen LSD, track tuned suspension, 6 speed manual.
Having a blast when the roads are clear, looks like that's not going to last long though...
Sorry about the crappy cell phone pic. :)


saturnotaku 03-04-13 01:06 PM

Re: My new ride
Smart move getting rid of the Veloster. I hate the way that car drives, and it absolutely baffles me as to why it's as popular as it is. While the '13 Genesis Coupe drives much better than the 2010-2012, I am pissed beyond words with what Hyundai did to the front-end styling. The first-gen car was one of the most gorgeous vehicles on the road.


Make sure you get a good set of all-season or winter tires on that bad boy. My co-worker has a 2010 3.8 Track and recommends Continentals for replacement rubber.

Melfranks 03-04-13 04:06 PM

Re: My new ride
Ya, not sure what attracted me to the Veloster, I needed a new car and for some reason was enamored with the styling I guess.
Never expected to get rid of it as fast as I did.
Thanks for the tip on the winter tires, although I doubt I will drive it much in the snow.
In that pic in the parking lot it was snowy but the roads were completely clear.
Did drive it once with the summer tires in 1 inch of snow, talk about a white-knuckled drive. :o
I'm actually OK with the front end, but the pic you posted looks great.

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