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jeffmd 03-07-13 02:59 PM

old pc parts free + shipping
Well one of my oldest PCs power supply died and I have no generic 300 watt lying around so I am trashing it. The parts aren't really sellable but I HATE throwing away working stuff so I'm giving them away at the cost of shipping. It looks like the small flat rate USPS box will work for all the parts and would be the cheapest. I tested fl to ny at just under $7 so work around that. If you have a shipping account that would pay for the cost then even better. My location is fl. I have a pay pal account to facilitate this.

AMD XP 1600
Radeon 9600XT - gone
First generation creative LIVE card, sorry no breakout cables or secondary back plate. :/

technoid 03-08-13 06:37 AM

Re: old pc parts free + shipping
Hey... I'll take the Radeon 9500XT. PM Sent.


jcniest5 03-20-13 04:58 AM

Re: old pc parts free + shipping
Do you still have the motherboard? Or is it just the XP1600 CPU?

jeffmd 03-22-13 12:08 PM

Re: old pc parts free + shipping
the motherboard is too big to ship cheaply and also I can't really test if it is the motherboard or PSU that died so I am just gonna assume both are suspect.

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