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ChrisRay 10-30-03 04:05 PM

2001 Nature optimisations for Nvidia are gone with latest drivers...
Or They at least appear to be.

I plugged in my Geforce FX 5900 today and did a 3dmark2001 run, To my surprise when I loaded nature I saw a huge quality increase, Expecially on the water, I mean, It looked great. And IMO the scene ran and looked a whole lot better.

I also noticed that with 2001 the Nature score drops significantly from older drivers, Has anyone else noticed this? Your thoughts on this?

euan 10-30-03 04:10 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if NV had updated to Divx 5 for the avi's of all the benchmarks that they keep embedded in those huge drivers... :D:afro:

bkswaney 10-30-03 04:19 PM

How much did your total score drop?

ChrisRay 10-30-03 04:28 PM


Originally posted by bkswaney
How much did your total score drop?

Like 1,000 points, It's obviously nature optimisations. I only get like 85 FPS in the Nature Demo

And like I said, the water looks MUCH better than the old optimised water.

Razor04 10-30-03 04:40 PM

Eh not that this is a bad thing, but they probably just removed them as they deem 01 not as important as 03 now and besides this way they can free up a little more space in their drivers to add a few more "optimizations" elsewhere. :)

ChrisW 10-30-03 04:53 PM

I wonder if some optimizations will be removed after the NV40 comes out? Will nVidia still take the time to optimize new games for their old NV3x line of cards?

Razor04 10-30-03 05:14 PM

I was wondering that a few weeks back...I was about to start a lengthy thread on it too...and then the HL2 bombshell hit and it wasn't worth it anymore as the thread would have been lost in the noise. I would hope that they remove them...and I would bet they will...look how fast they disowned the 5800. Makes you wonder though...if it (optimization) still has a benefit for the NV40 and up cards would they remove it even though they would lose performance? From their past actions it appears that if the optimization still provided a benefit they wouldn't remove it till the application is either obsolete or even without the optimization they can score higher than the competition.

bkswaney 10-30-03 05:15 PM

Nope.... I think the they will take the high road like ati did and stay with DX specs this time.

Maybe they learned there lesson. :)

Tricky 10-30-03 05:16 PM

Chris, your totally right about the new drivers being slower - ive lost in the region of 1000marks with the new drivers. i used to max out around 105fps at the start of 'nature' - now im down to around 75. not a major snag because all games still run just as fast, but it does make my o/c'ed 4200 scores seem not quite as good!

ragejg 10-30-03 05:28 PM

Hmm... methinks it would be nice to run benchies with the "best for '01" FX compatible drivers and compare them to 52.16... 40.71?? Or is that version too early???

StealthHawk 10-30-03 06:44 PM

Again, all I can say is "stay tuned." Real life issues have slowed done my testing. And Diablo2 1.10 patch sure hasn't helped things either :p

Eck 10-30-03 11:26 PM

In 3DMark01, my nature score did drop a bit, but my other scores went up. Overall, these drivers gave me a 100 point increase over 45.23.

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