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kbidewe 10-30-03 05:42 PM

Kernel 2.6
What are the plans for 2.6 compatible nvidia drivers?

blueworm 11-01-03 02:48 AM

There has been a patch available, since 2.5 version. It works perfectly.
I doubt Nvidia will release an official version until
2.6 goes stabe.

i01 11-05-03 01:36 AM

out of date
Those patches are always ten steps behind the bk snapshots.

blueworm 11-05-03 06:02 AM

Re: out of date

Originally posted by i01
Those patches are always ten steps behind the bk snapshots.
What is a bk snapshot ?

Slartibardfast 11-05-03 05:42 PM

happily that doesn't matter i01 as the patch still works. It patches the nvidia files not the kernel. Ocasionally it gets broken but it is quickly fixed.

I use 2.6.0-test9-bk7 at the moment, works perfectly. I guess to reflect this the labels have been tweaked recently to just 2.6 eg 'NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4496-2.6.diff'

P.S. bk stands for bitkeeper, it's check it out at http://www.bitkeeper.com/ Basically bk snapshot are the bleeding edge releases of the linux kernel.

blueworm 11-06-03 06:27 AM

thanks for explaining that for me.

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