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ALobpreis 03-26-13 10:37 AM

A huge turd in the back seat


I know it's very old, but I just came across it again and I think this deserves to be posted once more, considering all the cool stuff we have lost in the post-apocalyptic forum we have today. :)

Melfranks 03-27-13 04:44 PM

Re: A huge turd in the back seat
This thread title reminds me of once when I was taking my two dogs to the state park for a run on the trails.
They would always get so excited I would usually stop mid-trip (30 minute drive) and let them do their business in the ditch somewhere remote.
I forgot to do this, and was almost there when I smelled something. I looked back and my female Doberman was all excited, she had taken a crap in the back seat.
Apparently she was quite upset because she leapt into the front seat and out the passenger side window. This was at 30mph!
Amazingly she only suffered a couple scrapes. (this was on a gravel road.)
Man I miss my dogs...

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