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SavagePaladin 09-20-02 08:07 AM

UT2003 is GOLD
from beyondunreal.com
Mark Rein has made the official announcement - as of just before 5 AM ET this morning, Unreal Tournament 2003 has gone gold! It'll be a 3 CD set...
Additionally, the Linux installer will be included on Disc 3, even though there's no mention of Linux on the box (box had to be done before Epic was sure the Linux client/server would be completed).
Actually it will probably take less than 10 days to start appearing in stores in the USA. It could be as early as next Friday.
From Steve Polge-
For the most part, we are very happy with the current weapon balance. We have made the following small changes since the demo:

- flak alt-fire shell has higher initial velocity, so it travels a little further.
- link projectiles are smaller.
- shock projectile travels slightly faster.

I've also fixed and tweaked the bot AI:

- Bots less accurate at high skills, and have slightly slower reaction time
- fixed bot use of minigun
- Bombing Run AI was somewhat broken in the demo. Its substantially improved now.
- bots group together less in Team DM.
- various other tweaks.

|JuiceZ| 09-20-02 09:35 AM

Thx for the info savage, time to take another vacation......:D

SavagePaladin 09-20-02 09:39 AM

heh heh, no kidding

Gator 09-20-02 09:41 AM

THANK GOD! It's about time Epic!!!!

Nephilim 09-20-02 11:35 AM

Party time!!


pelly 09-20-02 12:06 PM

Holy crap there's a TON of goodies coming with that game!

I definitely thought this news should be shared so I stuck it on the front-page...Thanks for the info SavagePaladin!!!


jbirney 09-20-02 01:52 PM

Yea I have been playing around with some of them for awhile now. Really neet stuff. The one I have not be able to play with is the coder editor. They have done some great things to help trouble shot code as now the only way to do that is with log statments in the log file. I think with the level of tools that are coming with it you should see some outstanding mods for UT2k3.

CraigGen 09-20-02 02:02 PM

I'm probably the only one on the forum thats bored stiff of Unreal Tournament 2003.

It's just more of the same, same game, different clothing.

And I bet any money that a few days after it's released, there will be a massive patch out, thats beyond the reach of modems uses, and fixes all the bugs that should of been fixed in the release.

But I'm getting bored of all the same crap being released lately.
It's either FPS, or RTS.

SavagePaladin 09-20-02 02:56 PM

That's nice.

Nephilim 09-20-02 03:01 PM

Oh look, a parade, excuse me while I go and p*ss on it.

sbp 09-20-02 05:31 PM

Re: UT2003 is GOLD
Nice. NOLF 2 has gone gold also.

SavagePaladin 09-20-02 05:51 PM

I noticed that! Kick ass!

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