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BigChief 10-31-03 03:15 PM

nVidia drivers & QTVision/Kwintv

Im using Gentoo 1.4 und installed the alpha Version of Qtvision (formerly kwintv). It is working fine when I'm using the "nv" driver in my XF86config. But as soon as I load the "nvidia" driver, there is a new Device in my Sourcelist of QTVision called "Nvidia foo bar" (I don't know the exact name because I'm currently using Windows. The source I used before (Xvideo input device) does not work any more. I always get the message that the device could not be opened.

tourettes 11-07-03 11:41 AM

What exactly are you using kwintv for anyways? Watching tv through a capture card? If so, you may want to look at TVtime , it is the best tv viewing application available for linux and it includes deinterlacer plugins which means nice smooth video. I have tried all the usuals, xawtv, kwintv (and QTvision), zapping, etc. TVtime blows all of them out of the water.

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