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endothermal 09-20-02 11:50 AM

Mandrake 8.2 + Nvidia ti4400 - Issues
I have been working through a few problems. Here is the major problems:

if installing Mandrake 8.2 on a system with a Leadtek ti4400, the DrakX installer cannot properly dectect this video card,it then chooses vga as the driver but it also only installs XFree86 ver 3.3.6 even though you specifically ask it to install 4.2.0. Be very careful because all of the instructions posted on this board in the "official" nvidia install instructions assume that you are running 4.0.1 or higher.

Some symptoms to let you know that this has happened to you is when you go into the XF86Config-4 file you do not see an area that has Driver=NV like the instructions say. Also you should run X -version to see what version truly is installed. Please note that none of the current drivers work with 3.3.6 XFree86 or at least do not seem to work, they all state 4.0.1 or higher to work.

At this time simply doing an upgrade to 4.2.0 does not seem to work because once I did an upgrade, X -configure would no longer work and I have been searching the net dearly and I have not found information on how to do this cleanly.

Any help on how to get XFree86 4.2.0 installed once 3.3.6 is installed, specific to Mandrake and specific to the ti4400 would be greatly appreciated.

bwkaz 09-20-02 01:27 PM

Couldn't you just tell the installer it's a GF2 or 3 instead, that way it installs the right version of things, and uses the "nv" driver? Or does that cause other problems for you?

endothermal 09-20-02 01:48 PM

I did try but in the installer if you choose any nvidia driver and do a test it fails and doesn't install properly. But looking through other postings here is what I found

Install choose Geforce 2DDR generic driver DO NOT Test just accept and continue (here is where I was having problems once I did a test it all went to pot) . Do not autostart X boot straight to text. Then download and install the driver RPMS then edit XFConfig86-4 like the driver readme.txt states and restart and all should be well.

bwkaz 09-20-02 02:33 PM

Oh, right, don't test it.

I was having the same problem almost two years ago (well, I think it was 2 years ago...) with my GeForce2. Even though Mandrake at the time (v8.0) would detect it fine, testing it locked stuff up.

I haven't used Mandrake's testing stuff since then, because of that, and I often forget it even exists. :o

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