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pelly 09-20-02 11:54 AM

Have you ever cracked a core?
I need some honest responses here folks....Let me know if you've ever cracked the core of an AMD processor...

Let us know the tragic story with all the gory details.....what model, was it RMA'd.......did you replace it......

There is a reason behind all of this that I will share a bit later...


pelly 09-20-02 11:58 AM

I'll kick-this poll off and get things started...

A year or so back, I purchased an OEM AMD 1.33GHz processor...Well, I installed the heatsink, went to power the system on....and nothing.......no beeps.....no power....nothing....just a fan blowing on a cooked CPU.....

I took the processor out and saw ( to my horror ) that the outer edge had been chipped!

After a few calls and emails, AMD offered to replace my 1.33GHz with a 950MHz processor with no charge....I figured, something was better than nothing and I accepted the trade...

Since then, I have religiously used a CPU-shim and have never had a problem...I learned my lesson....


Gator 09-20-02 12:39 PM

ummm...errr... I once took an Intel 486sx chip, removed all the pin, and punched a hole thru it for a fantastic key chain! :D

pelly 09-20-02 12:49 PM

Did you crack that 1700 you have listed? How about you post your answer in the poll eh?



Gator 09-20-02 12:53 PM


Originally posted by pelly
Did you crack that 1700 you have listed? How about you post your answer in the poll eh?



nah, I never cracked my 1700. Surprising too because I have a Thermalrite AX7 which is pretty darn heavy. And considering the number of times I've changed my HSF and then switch from generic thermal compund, to artic silver 2, to artic silver 3... it's really a wonder I haven't damaged my little chip :rolleyes:

Anyway, I went ahead and voted no. Happy now? :D

pelly 09-20-02 12:56 PM

That made my day.... :p


Spectral 09-20-02 01:24 PM

Im on my third AMD chip now.. from 1ghz, to 1.33ghz, to the 1900+... Ive probably switced hsfs on them more than a few dozen times while cleaning out the heatsinks (I smoke, and keep an open case) and never had a problem.

I do have a semi related story that I still laugh about to this day. Back when I was doing computer tech work, during the race to hit 1ghz first... The very first day the 1ghz Athlons hit retail, a guy came in asking why his pc didnt work.. He had just gotten the 1ghz chip and was pretty upset that he couldnt get his system to work.

Soon as he set it on the table I could smell burning... So, I checked to see that the fan was plugged in on the Heatsink, and then turned it on... it was on for maybe a few seconds when I noticed that smoke was coming out of the cpu socket.... So, I turned it off, and took off the heatsink, and low and behold... This clown didnt take off the sticker that covers the thermal compound on his heatsink.

I tried hard not to laugh, but I just couldnt help myself... Needless to say the guy was pretty pissed off. Didnt even get to use his new chip for 5 minutes before he burnt it right out.

FastM 09-20-02 01:25 PM

When i first got my 8k7a+, Athlon 1.4Ghz setup going with a Dragon Orb 3 i tried some overclocking. Ended up killing the Ram trying to post at 170Mhz FSB hehe.... But i didn't know it at the time. When i tried to boot i kept getting a Bios Rom Error and thought since my other machine had the same MB i would swap Bios Chips, well i didn't have the right tool and after trying with tweezers for 20min i gave up and tried booting the system again, this time all i got was the fans.

So i took the whole thing apart and gave all the peices to back to the reseller i got them from for testing. He called me back the next day saying BOTH sticks of Memory are dead, the MB is dead and the CPU core is cracked. Im pretty sure he is the one who cracked the core by just resting the Dragon Orb on the CPU while testing but we'll never know, maybe it happen when i took it apart after killing it....

Anway im happy with OC'ing the Vid card and sometimes running a 140Mhz FSB. Learnt my lesson the hard way.

LORD-eX-Bu 09-20-02 05:12 PM

hmmm.. I just bought a new 2.4 Ghz P4b and I am not going to buy a better HSF or fan for a while, cuz I am happy with what I have, just slap on some artic silver III and it works great. Haven't installed it yet tho, so I hope I don't crack the core...:eek:

PsychoSy 09-20-02 05:18 PM

I came very, very, very close to cracking the core of a Duron 800 about 2 weeks ago. I was installing the HSF but I had the case rotated 180 degrees (so the the latch clip was closest to me) and when I reached about 18 pounds of pressure, there was a PLING! as the screwdriver slipped and the HSF rattled slightly off the socket. :p It's a wonder that I didn't crack the core or pop a capacitor off!! Thank God that AMD puts those 4 pads on the corners otherwise it would've been a goner!

I slapped myself in the bald pate, rotated the case 180 degrees so that the latch was FARTHER from me (which is how I usually do it) because it gives me more leverage and with the dead weight of my upper body hovered over the case, it helps to slowly ease the clip down.

LORD-eX-Bu 09-20-02 05:39 PM

Wow all that sounds complicated. All I have to do is set the HSF on top of the core with AC III applied on both, line it up and then I flip a few levers and I'm done.:D

Starscream 09-20-02 07:36 PM

I almost cracked the core of a p3 500. The damn intel heatsink had one of the most uncoperative clips I've ever seen. I've since switched heatsinks on that cpu and when I took off the intel one, there was noticable damage on side of the core. Thankfully it's chugged along just fine ever since in a family members pc.

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