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_tf_ 11-01-03 09:24 AM

GPL nvidia ethernet driver coming!
good news! :dance:
straight from the lkml


This is the wrong mailing list to ask who's afraid of Halloween, thus
I ask: Who's afraid of driver that was written without specs?

Attached is forcedeth: A new driver for the ethernet interface of the
NVIDIA nForce chipset, licensed under GPL.

The driver was written without support from NVIDIA, it's the result of
a cleanroom development:
Carl-Daniel and Andrew reverse engineered the nvnet driver and wrote a
specification, Manfred wrote the driver based on the spec.

This release it intended for developers, it's alpha quality: normal
network traffic could work, although slow due to incomplete interrupt
handling. It does work on two nForce 2 systems, nForce and nForce 3
are untested.

Try it yourself, but don't complain if something breaks. Note that
the driver generates quite a lot of debug output.

Manfred Spraul
Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
Andrew de Quincey

TheOneKEA 11-01-03 10:03 AM

Better link:


_tf_ 11-01-03 10:09 AM

or just head to


TheOneKEA 11-01-03 12:35 PM

Yeah, but I like Hypermail better........ :afro:

Anyway, on-topic: Would a mod consider stickying this? Once it gets noticed people will probably be asking after it, and having a single thread will prevent a lot of me-too threads.

Zenikase 11-02-03 07:39 AM

It's just an Ethernet driver *yawn*. If we can get a GPL'ed SoundStorm driver, things will become a bit more interesting.

TheOneKEA 11-02-03 12:36 PM

Yeah, but it's a GPLed Ethernet driver, which means that when someone with an nForce2 board who was 3l33t hacker skills notices this code..... he's going to fix it.

And then it will be a stable GPLed Ethernet driver. I've heard that the nvnet drivers are not necessarily stable....

connyosis 11-02-03 03:30 PM

This is really nice. Hopefully it will be integrated into the 2.6 kernel (And 2.4 as well I guess) so you don't have to download the closed driver from nvidia. Personally I think it's really weak of Nvidia not to release specs. For Gods sake it's a NIC driver! Nvidia is primarely into graphics cards, why these specs cannot be relased is beyond me.

TheOneKEA 11-05-03 02:20 AM

Andrew Morton has integrated the new nForce/nForce2 GPL ethernet driver into his 2.6.0-test9-mm2 patchset, for anyone who wishes to try it out.

You can get it from here:


To apply the patch to a standard 2.6.0-test9 source tree, cd into the root of the tree, run the make clean command, then run this command:

zcat /path/to/patchset/2.6.0-test9-mm2.gz | patch -p1

Then run make xconfig and go configure the driver under the Networking -> Network devices -> 10/100 Ethernet menu.

ziphnor 11-06-03 10:49 AM

Im using this driver in Gentoo Linux(2.6.0-test9 patched as mentioned above). I have just installed it, but it seems to work great, i have downloaded loads of stuff using it and havent noticed any problems.

Im using a Soltek FRN2-L nforce2 motherboard.

TheOneKEA 11-06-03 11:54 AM

Andrew Morton said that the author of the driver, Manfred Spraul, wants feedback on the workings of the driver. Find out Manfred's address and tell him about your experiences with the driver.

ziphnor 11-06-03 12:34 PM

Good idea, just sent him an email, with what little information i can provide.

TheOneKEA 11-08-03 10:35 AM

Now the driver's available for 2.4!
Linkage: http://www.ussg.iu.edu/hypermail/lin...11.1/0000.html

For those of you who aren't ready to jump to 2.6.

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