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poursoul 11-03-03 08:54 AM

GeForceFX 5600 XT - 256MB
[LOL] The next stupid marketing move by NV - Ride the success wave from your competitors. [/LOL]


jimbob0i0 11-03-03 08:57 AM

LMAO - I was think there had to be a mis-translation... but no... oh man that is funny - and with performance comparable to a FX5200 too - oh joy ;)

bkswaney 11-03-03 10:59 AM

hehehe...nvidia puts a XT on the end of there sh!test 5600
and ati put it on there best.:angel2:

silence 11-03-03 11:33 AM

when u think Nvidia cant go lower then they are.....they surprise you....

256 MB on 230 Mhz card which cant work in dx9 even on 400 Mhz????.....but name as ATi's top product....
those 256 are there prolly just so ppl think "look, XT with 256 very cheap...i heard it rox"............


saturnotaku 11-03-03 11:42 AM

Someone ought to go over to Palit and hit them with the "What the heck were you thinking?" stick. :o

Gator 11-03-03 01:16 PM


GeForceFX 5600 XT - 256MB 400MHz RAM (GDR) 230MHz GPU

they can't possibly be serious about this, the nerve of them to call it an XT is just disgusting. Hell a GF4MX could give that piece of junk competition. And they are saying about $119 for it?! It can't be worth more than $45us :rolleyes:

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