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Cbarwise 11-03-03 06:47 PM

How to stop Meesanger Service popups????
I remember reading how to do this but it has slipped my mind. Anybody knoe how to do this? Thanks in advance for any help

saturnotaku 11-03-03 07:55 PM

Right-click My Computer, manage, services and applications, services, messenger, right click, stop, right-click, properites, disable.

vampireuk 11-05-03 06:35 AM

On a fresh install I think most of us do this instantly. What a annoying service.

/moved also:cool:

ALobpreis 11-27-03 01:38 PM

But... a LAN without net sends is boring... ;)

Nutty 12-06-03 06:55 PM

Indeed, when I want a tester or somat, I just net send them, so much faster than emailing, and less obtrusive than shouting! :)

Theres also much jappery to be had by doing a net send all from someones machine while they're making coffee.. :D

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