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Iron1384 09-20-02 06:58 PM

Hard Drive Cooling
I'm thinking about buying an 80GB WD Special Edition drive. Think a hard drive cooler would be of any use???

(This is the one I have in mind: http://www.antec-inc.com/f_dhcoolingsystem.html )

thcdru2k 09-20-02 07:00 PM

nope not for ide. only very high speed scsi drives.

PCarr78 09-20-02 07:03 PM

HDs dont need fancy coolers.

Depends on your case, really

I have a couple drives on the HDD rack at bottom of case right above the fan.

anyway, with fan = cool HDDs. Without fan = they get very hot

LORD-eX-Bu 09-25-02 01:42 AM

Since I have not bought any case fans yet, other than the one on the window and the two on the power supply(haha!), I have worried about this too, but, I have an aluminum case, that volcano of mines puts out like 6000 Rpms, so it should cool lotsa stuff down as well, plus, the hard drive is idle alot, so hey, I say let it cool itself down, you can't hold its hand forever.:p

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