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StealthHawk 09-20-02 08:09 PM

No One Lives Forever 2 is GOLD
so says ShackNews, NOLF2 will be in stores October 1st

SavagePaladin 09-21-02 05:42 PM

Excellent :)
(we already talked about it in the UT2k3 thread, but anyway :) )

StealthHawk 09-21-02 07:08 PM

so you did, i did not see that :o

oh well, i'm sure not everyone likes thread digging, i sure don't :D

SavagePaladin 09-21-02 08:26 PM

Not much to it...a few people complaining about the content, and the rest of us loved the game....iirc...

Man, NOLF rocked, I can't wait :)

Matthyahuw 09-22-02 12:09 AM

This is one of those best games no one is playing...this is gonna rock!

skipparoo 09-22-02 02:05 AM

I'm with you all, NOLF is a personal favorite of mine, and NOLF2 will be better! October 1st, not far away at all!


Matthyahuw 09-22-02 03:20 PM


Originally posted by madthumbs
She doesn't have jiggly boobies, so it sucks!


Like what are you looking for, the first DOA on the PSX? :p

Nephilim 09-22-02 06:59 PM


Originally posted by madthumbs
Computar games are suck!
Who are you, JeffK?


PacNW CE 09-26-02 06:11 PM

Nothing wrong with firm boobies if you ask me.

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