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ChiBChombo 06-04-13 10:25 PM

Build help please!
Hello everyone,

I've been away from computer parts for a long time now. Recently a friend of mine got a look at my PC and he asked me if I could build him one.

He gave me a budget of 5,000$... Which is pretty high!

The problem is, I'm not sure what is the "best of the best" these days... All I know is there's some 1,000$ parts here and there but I'm not sure of anything.

I was looking at eVga's new X87 Motherboards, but like I said, I'm not sure of how good they are etc...

Would anyone like to help me out?

Thank you.

mullet 06-05-13 09:25 AM

Re: Build help please!
Monitor, mouse, keyboard, case??

john19055 03-05-14 07:26 AM

Re: Build help please!
With a budget of $5000 you should be able to build a very fast computer.If he doesn't want cazy high resolution and 1920 x1080 is good enough for him ,then you can just get a good HDTV and you can get some good 60" for around $700,plus I seen some 50"LED HDTV 4K 3840x2160 Maximum Resolution with 120 refresh rate for around $1000.

XDanger 03-06-14 03:00 PM

Re: Build help please!

Originally Posted by john19055 (Post 2602427)
I seen some 50"LED HDTV 4K 3840x2160 Maximum Resolution with 120 refresh rate for around $1000.

I got excited there for a moment but 4K @ 30hz, Nice for movies and browsing though.


Doesnt seem to be much interest in it, Must be garbage. Another couple of years maybe then.. I'd hate to buy a 4k TV now for it's value to nose-dive.

wheeljack12 03-28-14 08:21 PM

Re: Build help please!
here's one better xdanger, it's the 39' version of your link. $600 CDN.


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