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piglop 11-06-03 06:09 AM

Stereo on non-Quadro cards
Does anyone know if/when stereo will be supported on Linux with a GeForce card?

Looks like it's supported on Windows. Why not on Linux?

Thunderbird 11-06-03 12:07 PM

On linux stereo is provided using some opengl extensions which are both on windows and linux quadro specific. Those extensions are usefull for enterprises and not really for "us". The other type of stereo you have on windows isn't in the drivers.

piglop 11-06-03 12:27 PM

Is this other type of stereo availiable on Linux?

If not, where can I find informations about the technique they use to provide this on Windows?

Do you think it is possible to build something similar for Linux?

justinc 11-06-03 02:24 PM

what do you want to do?

The best stereo is from 2 projectors with polarising glasses, which you can do off a dual head card if either its your own application and you set the two heads to render with an offset, or you can get the application to do that. havent done it for a while, but it is very convincing.

The quadro support will do this for any application, or will do some of the shutterglass stereo modes (that are by comparison not very good). They also support 4 buffer GL, which many old SGI programs use but the program still has to support stereo.

wb.kloke 11-10-03 07:49 AM

I am looking for this type of stereo, too. I even purchased a low-end quadro card to see some progress (on FreeBSD). There is no technical reason why active strereo should not be possible on non-quadro cards, IMHO. ALL you need is be able to swap pages at each vertical retrace.
Copying a page should not be too expensive (but this is not needed too much, because only the stereo window is likely to be updated very often).

I don't have much hope to see progress in this soon, as nVidia seems more to care about trade secrets than their (potential) customers.

For me, it seems feasible to add the basic page flipping machine to the XFree86 nv driver.

SiliconBadger 01-17-04 10:39 AM

From what I understand, the Quadro cards are specifically designed to do stereo because they have a quad-buffer (hence the name Quadro?). This allows two hardware graphics channels using hardware double buffer for each channel (each eye is one channel). The GeForce cards are not quad buffered, and so you can't get double buffering per channel in hardware, and as such, performance is significantly decreased.

I have a Quadro4 750 XGL in my Slackware Linux 9.0 box, and the stereo works only with OpenGL Performer stereo specific apps. I think the reason they don't support stereo in Linux is because there is a need for a software emulation of the double buffers for each eye on GeForce cards. Ostensibly, there is not enough demand for Linux 3D gaming to justify the extra development effort on Nvidia's part to get that working.

That's just my guess.

wb.kloke 01-19-04 08:42 AM

The last opinion is consistent with my expectations on public statements by NVidia (or any other hardware supplier believing in NDA or other methods used to hide specifications).

It is easy to think of explanations which make more sense. In these, a well known software supplier is likely to have a prominent role.

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