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Kruno 09-21-02 04:22 AM

NTFS DOS boot disk
It says Phat Linux fully supports NTFS yet it requires me to install it through DOS after I extract all the files. :/

I have been looking on the net for several hours for an NTFS dos boot disk type thing yet I find crap.
Can anyone direct me to a real NTFS to dos boot disk with all the help files there?

mr_oh_so_ice 09-21-02 05:56 PM

I don't think such a thing exists. NTFS under pure DOS is no go, although a company Systernals had an NTFS Reader for DOS.

volt 09-21-02 06:19 PM

to Operating Systems because it had nothing to do with NVIDIA :D

Gator 09-22-02 01:28 AM


NTFSDOS is what you're looking for. By using a Win95/98 bootdisk, you then run NTFSDOS and it allows you to access NTFS partitions. The download versions are read only, but if you find the full version you can do everything. We use it at my job, works great

PCarr78 09-22-02 01:46 AM

i think ntcompatible.com had an article about this a while back... :confused:

Kruno 09-22-02 04:24 AM

Thanks guys.


Originally posted by d1rX
to Operating Systems because it had nothing to do with NVIDIA :D

So why move it in the first place? ROTFLMAO!!! :D

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