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shogun99 11-07-03 08:52 AM

NFORCE2 Ethernet driver with Suse 9.0
Hi all,
im a linux rookie and im trying to install the nforce 2 network card and my GeForce 5600. Im not able to get even one running. Can please somebody tell me which files I have to download and which commands I have to run under linux ? I do not understand this rpm, insmod and Kernel stuff. So a "cookbook" for a dumb Windows User would be great :)
Thanks a lot !

benjfitz 11-08-03 01:01 AM

Easy way
1) get suse 9.0 drivers
2) put them in your home folder
3) cd to home folder if not already there
4) su and password
5) rpm -Uvh <nf2 drivers>.rpm
6) /etc/init.d/network restart

Hard way
1) Make sure you have the kernel source, probably in /usr/src
2) copy the .src.rpm file to your home directory
3) cd <directory with the rpm file>
example% su
Password: ******
example# pushd /usr/src/linux
example# make cloneconfig
example# make dep
example# popd
4) cd <directory with the rpm file>
Password: ******
example# rpmbuild --rebuild nforce{package na****-1.0-1.src.rpm
5) At this point, the SRPM will be recompiled. When this command has completed, look for a line that says:

Wrote: /usr/src/{RPM root dir}/RPMS/i386/nforce{package na****-1.0-1.rpm

This will provide you with the name and location of the new RPM. You should then install this RPM per the instructions in the Binary RPM Installation section
6) example% cd <directory with the rpm file>
example% su
Password: ******
example# rpm -i nforce{package na****-1.0-1.rpm
7) go to yast2, hardware, network devices (it should have detected the nf2 eth controller)
8) go to the install custom driver option (I am not sure exactly what it is called)
9) look in /lib/modules/<latest kernel version>/driver/net for nvnet.o
10) type /etc/init.d/network restart
11) hopefully the connection is up and you will be happy

If you have any questions you can email me at benjfitz@yahoo.com and I will get on my box with suse 9.0 to make sure I told you the right stuff.

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