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Logical 06-30-13 06:14 PM

Hey guys
It's certainly been a while since i was last here..not sure if many of you will remember me but here i am. :D

slaWter 07-01-13 10:37 AM

Re: Hey guys
Hey Logical! How have you been?
Good to see that more and more familiar names are showing up again :)

MikeC 07-01-13 06:06 PM

Re: Hey guys
I remember Logical. Welcome back!

Logical 07-01-13 07:48 PM

Re: Hey guys
Hi slaWter, Hi MikeC... I been really busy with work over the past year and not had much chance to get on my PC much but with a change of job recently I'm hoping to rekindle some of my gaming time and forum browsing. I might even indulge in a computer upgrade over the coming months as my GTX285's are kinda getting on a bit now hehe. :)

mullet 07-02-13 03:27 PM

Re: Hey guys
edit: my bad

Logical 07-02-13 06:47 PM

Re: Hey guys
Wrong Logical mullet lol ;)

Logical 07-04-13 07:10 AM

Re: Hey guys
BTW if my avatar is found to be too annoying as its animated then let me now and ill change it for a static image. :p

Zapablast05 07-09-13 12:54 AM

Re: Hey guys
Everybody is just popping up! I've been noticing people with green names. Wtf does that mean? Mods? All those old peeps (and old spammers like Jcrox lol) are green!

AshG 07-10-13 09:49 PM

Re: Hey guys
Hey gang!

Ww, I've apparently missed something huge... I'm down to 90 posts!

Anyway, good to see you guys again.

K007 08-14-13 05:37 AM

Re: Hey guys
zug zug

DiscipleDOC 08-14-13 09:00 AM

Re: Hey guys

MikeC 08-14-13 03:40 PM

Re: Hey guys

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