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MrAli 07-12-13 08:17 AM

ubuntu 12.04 freezes with nvidia driver
i have a big problem with nvidia geforce 8400m gs graphic.
when i have used opensource (nouveau) driver in ubuntu 12.04, there was not any problem but i could not used unity 3d.

i decided to install nvidia propriety driver (version current) to enable unity 3d in my laptop and also gain better performance. after installing that (using ubuntu additional driver) i faced with some weird problems:

1: when i used glxgears with nouveau the results were about 380-420 but now, when i use this command, the results are about 50-60 (i know glxgears is not a benchmark but i thought it might be useful)

2: when i want to start firefox, whole desktop freezes for about 10 seconds (i do not have this problem with google chrome).

3: when i use glmark2, it freezes and ubuntu loged out automatically.

4: in unity 3d, some times the graphic became corrupted for some seconds and after that become normal automatically or by clicking a window.

please guide me.

artem 07-14-13 04:45 PM

Re: ubuntu 12.04 freezes with nvidia driver

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