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wheeljack12 07-28-13 03:17 PM

getting a gtx 760 soon!
On wed july 31, I am getting a gtx 760 and giving my gtx 660 amp! to my brother. I have a few choices.

1. EVGA gtx 760 4gb $289.99 at Newegg Canada (comes to $340 w/ shipping and tax,also comes with splinter cell game card)
2. ASUS DCII gtx 760 2gb $289.99 at my local Canada Computers ($327 w/taxes,comes with splinter cell game card)
3. Gigabyte OC rev 2.0 $289.99 at my local Canada computers ($327 w/taxes,comes with splinter cell game card)
4. Zotac gtx 760 2gb $259.99 at newegg Canada (comes to $304 w/shipping and taxes,shipped from Mississauga,Ontario,Canada,comes with spinter cell game card)
5. Zotac gtx 760 2gb from Computervalley.ca $248.99 (comes to $297 w/shipping and taxes)
6. Zotac gtx 760 $259.99 at Hookbag.ca (comes to $304 w/shipping and taxes)
7. PNY gtx 760 2gb from newegg.ca (comes to $302 w/shipping and taxes, comes with lifetime warranty, 16gb usb flash drive and splinter cell game card)

Can you help me decide. The ones I would like to get are either the PNY from newegg or the evga 4gb from newegg so far. But if someone has a different opinion I would be welcome to listen.

wheeljack12 07-28-13 05:30 PM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
I found out that newegg.ca has the 4gb cards (evga) domestically in canada in mississauga,ontario,canada. That town is a suburb of Toronto and is less than hour away from me driving. have to pay shipping (one day to get here) since I don't have a vehicle to get to their will call pick up. comes to $340 with express shipping and taxes via purolator. so unless the cards go out of stock again, that is what I am getting.

wheeljack12 07-31-13 10:43 PM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
Ended up getting the Asus gtx 760 OC DC II card. Better cooling and it plays aliens colonial marines without studdering. Even with 3d vision on. Got it from my local Canada Computers.

wheeljack12 08-01-13 01:11 AM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
here's a review from techpowerup!. It basically is eating up a amd 7950 for lunch at most resolutions and even at 1080p the regular (non ghz edition) 7970 at times. Like I said in my review on newegg, it's the sweet spot that the gtx 660 ti wasn't.


wheeljack12 08-03-13 02:03 AM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
For monitoring I use evga's precision x. (asus' gpu tweak takes forever to load on windows 7) Anyhow at default fan (29 percent), this thing stays at a cool 32 celsius in a open air apartment at 25(80 F) celsius during the day,

wheeljack12 08-11-13 05:44 AM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
BTW, Went back to my OEM copy of windows 8 64 bit. Anyhow, this cards gives a 8.1 on the windows 8 wei out of 9.9 (the same score as a zotac gtx 680 amp!).

Q 08-12-13 11:53 AM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
Just upgraded from a 6970 to a 770. Oh my gooooodness it is sweet.

wheeljack12 08-13-13 06:58 AM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
the sweetest part is the cost vs. performance. $289 for my 760. Just over $400 for your 770. If Nvidia made these costs with the 600 series, AMD would have been crying a long time ago.

wheeljack12 09-26-13 11:43 AM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
going to upgrade the gtx 760 at the end of sept to a 4gb model. Not sure which brand to get yet.

XDanger 09-27-13 01:20 PM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
4gb is only any use for SLI and even then hardly at all... so far, maybe ps4/one conversions will change that?

I've only seen standard game comparisons, not texture heavy mods, short sighted comparison I think.

wheeljack12 09-28-13 07:13 AM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!
4gb is the new standard for 256 bit bus cards due to Battlefield 4 recommending 3gb of video ram for the game. It doesn't make sense that next gen console conversions would reduce the requirements on a pc. The PS4 uses 8gb of GDDR5, although slower than pc video card ram,it's GDDR5 for it's shared system/video memory. That will raise the bar on the pc because ddr3 ram on a pc is too slow to used as shared ram for discrete video card using 2-4gb of 6-7000mhz gddr5. Nvidia wants to change that with maxwell gpu's. They want to do with discrete cards that AMD is doing with APU's. The HUMA architecture or unified memory. Right now when look at windows wei properties or msinfo32, the computer tells you how much is being used for system use and how much is being reserved for shared ram for video. Discrete cards don't use that ram or we wouldn't be hitting walls with the pc. Nvidia wants to change that by actually using that ram. The problem I have with it is ddr3 and early ddr 4 ram will be too slow to actually help out. What should be done by the hardware engineers is skip ddr4 and use gddr 5 (get jedec to see the light and approve this)and turn it into usable ram (ram modules that you put on your motherboard)just like it's being done on the ps4 for a pc motherboards ram. It would reduce the total cost of ownership in the long run of the pc meaning you would have cheaper video cards that would be sold in volume (volume sales are more profitable than small ones and make everyone happy) along with ram prices going down due to gddr5 not being considered so bleeding edge that it has to have such a price premium for hardware in general. BTW, I changed my mind due to long term budget restrictions. I have to sli two 2gb gtx 760's. I thought to myself that two gtx 760's have the same graphical power of one gtx 780 (1152 cores x 2=2304 or the number of cores in gtx 780). That numbering of cores by nvidia was smart marketing. That way if you can't afford $750-800 w/shipping and taxes (my tax in my province is 13%), you can buy two lower powered cards for about $100 less w/shipping and taxes and get the same processing power. No, the ram for each card isn't there by itself. But isn't sli supposed to send the ram request from one video card to the next, hence why sli and crossfire use combined resoures of everything (gpu and ram) when used. SLI does it right though in not having to miss so many frames (sorry AMD lovers, your loyalty is now costing you because AMD's lack of paying attention to detail for video cards and poor engineering of their cpu's). AMD will never learn their lesson. They make those fixer commericals by mocking Nvidia and destroying one of their cards like it's garbage. They put up a big posting on their webpage out of arrogance when Intel got hit with the EU $1 billion dollar fine. All Intel and Nvidia do is keep making better hardware and keep making hand over fist. In other words, they shut the eff up and let AMD fall on their collective asses. And AMD trying to do the Mantle core API with Hawaii,dumb! If Nvidia thought that when they bought out 3dfx that the glide API would be profitable, they would have kept it. Even when AMD got their settlement over the x64 architecture from intel, most of it got used to pay debts instead of having much of a profit. I actually feel more scared for console users now then ever. I can see the return rates skyrocketing from PS4/xbox one's. Another smart move by Nvidia. they got out of the next gen console market. They understand that the pc is the top gun of gaming meaning it was the foundation of gaming before the xbox's and ps's came along.

XDanger 09-28-13 04:37 PM

Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 (Post 2596139)
4gb is the new standard for 256 bit bus cards due to Battlefield 4 recommending 3gb of video ram for the game. It doesn't make sense that next gen console conversions would reduce the requirements on a pc.

yup, so we had to wait for the consoles to catch up before we could have some decent textures without mods then eh.

whats this about 256 bit bus not being able to do anything with 4gb and it needing a 384 bit bus, nonsense it depends on rate?, are 384 bit busses rate always slower because of physical restraints? I know nothing.
I havent looked at graphics cards for ages, 760 looks like the one to buy right now as I like spending 220 and getting my monies worth.

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