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wheeljack12 07-28-13 06:54 PM

EA Origin and Uplay are crap for updating email logins
EA Origin and UBIsoft's uplay are crap for updating your email login. First, I didn't know that you had to confirm your email with origin when changing emails. I found this out when changing emails again. So I clicked on the resend email about 10 times for my current email address and I checked my current ISP's webmail and spamguard folder and nothing was there. I want to confirm so I can change my email so that EA doesn't take their sweet ass time getting to me. To get in touch with EA, you have to sit and wait for a chat window to open which is about 5-10 minutes minimum. And I am changing ISP's in less than a month. I changed my email to a gmail account so that I don't have to go through this again. And with gmail, you can set it so it sends email to a 3rd party email client (thunderbird or outlook for example) via pop3 or imap. So I have to wait until someone comes on there. And ubisoft is worse. They make you do a support ticket just to change emails. They don't even have a chat option. With Steam, you change the email and check your new email to confirm in the steam app. That's it. And all of your steam games are still yours. I don't know why people diss steam. Most of you don't like redownloading your library when you reinstall your OS. Well, there is a built in backup util in the steam app that allows you to backup to any size media or drive. So, when you reinstall windows, no redownloading. Had to figure out myself how to backup Origin and Uplay games since they don't want you having the actual data in your hands. Now I may face losing my uplay and origin games because of poor programming of the apps/website account management.

wheeljack12 07-29-13 04:10 PM

Re: EA Origin and Uplay are crap for updating email logins
got ubisoft to change my email in less than a day, thank goodness! BTW, if you ever change emails and don't change your steam login before your old email address is removed by your ISP or email provider, you have to give proof to valve by giving them one of your steam codes from a retail product if you want your new email address to be used after. Otherwise, when you use steam guard, your screwed for all of the games you own. Happened to my brother, he had about 10 games in steam and didn't change his email in time. Steam asked him for a retail code but he had thrown out his game boxes because he could download and backup his games if he ever got dlc for them. BTW, if you ever get DLC on steam and you want to backup, do it when all of the dlc has been downloaded. That way you get a full backup of your game with the dlc. For example, my friend bought me the borderlands 2 season pass when it was on sale during the summer sale for $10. I restored my backup 1st, downloaded the dlc and rebackedup the game with all DLC intact. The dlc was 3gb more than the game at approx. 9gb from the original 6gb of the game by itself for backup. Now off to Origin to get their butts to change my email address.

wheeljack12 07-31-13 01:01 AM

Re: EA Origin and Uplay are crap for updating email logins
Got Origin to change my email address. For Origin, you have login via the web (not the origin app) and connect via chat window to a Origin tech. Then you have to wait while they change the email. Took about 1/2 hour for it to happen. Not bad considering.

wheeljack12 07-31-13 10:47 PM

Re: EA Origin and Uplay are crap for updating email logins
BTW, all the origin tech did was give me a new account with no games under my new email. I can still use my old email and password though for my old games as they haven't started using a steam guard equivalent.

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