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Francois Patte 08-14-13 12:04 PM

poor performance under debian 7

I have just finished a debian 7 install. My video card is GeForce 7800 GTX and I installed the nvidia driver using dkms (driver version 304.88).

Running glxgears I get approximately 60FPS, previously my system was fedora 10 (dkms...) and I use to have approximately 13800FPS

What' wrong and what shall I do to enhance this?

Thank you

François Patte

artem 08-17-13 01:52 AM

Re: poor performance under debian 7
Look close:


$ glxgears
Running synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be
approximately the same as the monitor refresh rate.

In recent NVIDIA drivers vsync is enabled by default. Do you seriously believe your new drivers run 230 times slower than previous ones?

2. These forums are deprecated.

gonzo_s 09-18-13 09:02 AM

Re: poor performance under debian 7
13800FPS :-D

P.S. Debian Squeeze, NVidia 8600 GT, Driver 304.88
glxgears = 60 FPS


artem 09-18-13 01:22 PM

Re: poor performance under debian 7
What's funny? Your lack of understanding what v-sync is?

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