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joltcola 09-22-02 12:06 AM

Linksys Router Problems
Having serious problems with the linksys router that I have at work. Every 45 minutes to an hour, it freaks out and disconnects everyone from whatever they are connected to. Privious to updating the firmware recently, it would do the same thing, but usually would kick off people playing mmorpgs ( i.e Asheron's Call or Dark age of Camelot ) and people playing shooters ( i.e. counter strike ) would continue on playing. Only after a good 3 to 5 hours would it disconnect itself. After updating the firmware to the latest linksys has on it website, its "freaked out" at least 6-10 times in the last 4 hours. :mad:

Reseting it desn't seem to help things much. Just lets it run a little longer before it freaks out again. If anyone has had this problem with their linksys router and have found a solution or know of possible solutions , I would really like your help.

Its just a ADSL connection , the router is setup for DHCP . etc etc

Sorry for any lacking information.. cause my boss just set this thing up and didn't tell me much more than that. I've only looked at it just now

-- Jolt Cola

budd_wm 09-22-02 08:39 AM

Have you tried different cables going from your DSL modem to the router? Does the DSL modem itself go down or does it stay up (meaning does the actual connection from the ISP stay)? Are you using a crossover cable or straight?

pelly 09-22-02 09:55 AM

Try running a CAT5 cable from the Cable Modem directly to a PC ( not using the router at all )....Try to see whether the connection goes down still....

If it does.....you have a problem either with the actual modem, or with the ISP's signal....

If it doesn't, you know it's the router....
Make sure you're using the latest firmware for the router and that all cables being used have been tested to be ok...

Try that and let us know how things work out...

Good luck!


joltcola 09-23-02 11:47 AM

Everything is fine up untill the router. And the firmware is updated to the latest version. All the cables check out and so does the modem itself. I'm not sure whats wrong. Everytime it goes down, I I pull out the power and plug it back in and everything is ok again after it boots it self back up. I've got a good 45 - 90 minutes before it goes down again.

Its weird

-- Jolt Cola

budd_wm 09-23-02 12:07 PM

You might just have a bum router. Maybe try another one? I know some routers will take both crossover and straight cables (lets you switch between them). If the one you have does, maybe try a different type cable depending on what you already are using.

joltcola 09-24-02 08:12 AM

Thanks for your help [edit : not being sarcastic or rude here. I do aprichate your help just tired and need sleep]. Boss man picked up a netgear router to replace the linksys, untill he gets some cisco router. Its fix'd all the disconnection problems and some of the link dead problems we we're getting with some of the games ( mmorpgs ) , but it seems like some of the systems take a few minutes to " wake up " and realize theres a big ADSL connection on the other side of the router. It seem like its sluggish to pick up on the network. I dunno.... I don't have too much longer at this job anyways... moving on to something that pays better and doesn't drive me nutz.

Thanks for the help . and any nfo you could give on this situation would be great just for future reference


-- Jolt Cola

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