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xps8700 09-12-13 12:03 PM

Flat panl scaling on GT430 and Sammy 55in LCD TV
Hello all!

This may be a stupid question, or perhaps I haven't found the answer yet but here it goes!

I am using a GT430 videocard in my linux media center which is connected via HDMI to my 55inch Samsung LCD TV (UN55C6300). I know for a fact that this TV supports 1920x1080 (full 1080p) and thats what the Samsung's product page says too.

Using this GT430 videocard with this TV, when I log in the distro's GUI, I am missing about 40 pixels all around the screen. I need to go in the Nvidia driver's control panel, enable flat panel underscan and give it a value of roughly 80 so I can see all of the desktop.

Now to the question: why do I need to do flat panel scaling if the videocard is capable of 1920x1080 and so is the TV?

By doing this underscan thing, I end up with a resolution around 1840x1000 which is failrly lower than the native resolution of 1920x1080. Is the driver only scaling the image to fit the TV screen or am I losing resolution really?

I just need some clarifications thats all!


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