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vivithemage 11-13-03 04:08 PM

onboard nvidia ethernet problem
Well ive tried a lot of stuff, but how do i configure it so that my onboard ethernet works? Im running a MSI K7N2 Delta L board. I got the Red Hat 9 (its what im running) drivers and i installed them, but i suppose theres more to it? I dont know how to configure it at all. The drivers i got were:


If you can help at all id appreciate it!

vivithemage 11-14-03 07:27 AM


NinjaNZ 11-16-03 12:27 AM

I too am running the nForce 2 Delta and I have recently installed
RedHat 9.0 with the latest nForce drivers.

If you look in XWindows on your desktop there is an icon
titled 'start here', open that up, then go into settings
or preferences, and there is a 'network' icon. open that up
and apply the necessary settings for the 'nvnet' ethernet
device. hopefully this works for you, unfortunately my
nvnet ethernet device says it's unable to activate.

anyone else had this problem?

vivithemage 11-16-03 12:30 AM

If you would like to see a thread from a site that ACTUALLY helped click here:


guido900 11-17-03 08:05 AM

i tried this one with success

i too had some problems getting my onboard ethernet running.

after installing the newest drivers, the ethernet card was detected, but still no response from the dhcp server.

in the end, i had to deactivate the acpi feature.

the bootloader i use is "grub" on a SuSE 8.2 system. there i only had to add the lines noacpi in the options section of the system which i want to boot.

after that, everything worked fine.

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