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Manuel Schiller 11-14-03 01:54 AM

Can anyone help me with my text mode?

I have recently bought an nvidia graphics card
(GeForce4 MX440), and have noticed that my old
svgatextmode program doesnīt work anymore.
This is really a pity because the card could
probably handle really nice text modes...
As far as I understand it, the only thing that
would be required to make it work again would be
a little program to set the dot clock (or pixel
clock, as some call it). The rest of the hardware
seems to be enough vga-like to make svgatextmode
happy. (I donīt expect it to be as good as my old
Tseng ET4000/W32 used to be - emphasis on graphics
card design has shifted towards graphics, and text
modes become less and less important... Still, I
suppose quite a few people would like to see an
improvement here.)

Iīd really be grateful if someone could help out
with this one, because I program a lot, and a nice
text mode does help a lot in doing so (scrolling
is *fast*, one can set a nice font, oneīs routines
fit on one screen, etc.)

Greetings, Manuel

LordMorgul 11-14-03 05:09 AM

I don't know what might be involved in getting that to work, but the card should support framebuffer consoles in larger resolutions (at least 1024x768 I would expect, but can't verify).

I realize that fb consoles aren't as fast, and personally stick to my 800x600 console most of the time with squished fonts...

vesafb works well in combination with the nVidia drivers for most cards.

Manuel Schiller 11-17-03 01:24 AM

I realize that fb consoles are possible, but if
I wanted my old AMD K6-2 spend its cpu time
copying pixels to video memory, I could just have
used X (there are fast window managers out there).

What I wanted to know is if there is someone who
knows this stuff well enough to program a little
utility which sets the dot clock .(At the moment,
I use the BIOS to set it to 40MHz by selecting a
text mode which uses this dot clock, and make sure
that svgatextmode does not touch if further. This
gives me a 100x30 character console, which is not
too bad. However, being restricted to 40 MHz dot
clocks is a bit unsatisfactory.)

Still thanks for the answer.


bactrimel 11-17-03 03:51 PM

Updated SVGATextMode
Check this out:


It seems to be a slightly updated version of SVGATextMode with some (primitive) support for recent nVidia cards.

You could also try applying the latest "GeForce" patch before compiling the package:


Disclaimer: I did *not* have the chance to test this utility/patch myself, since i've managed to fry my Ti4400 a couple of months ago :(

BUT I would appreciate it if you'd let me know whether this worked for you...

Manuel Schiller 11-18-03 08:16 AM

Thanks a lot!
I'll try it out as soon as I get home today and
let you know how it works...


bactrimel 11-18-03 03:04 PM

Hmm the first link seems to point to a generated html page (!), try this one instead:


Also note that the above file is *NOT* a .tar.gz but actually a .tar.gz.gz :confused:

Thus in order to un-tar it you'll have to give:

gunzip SVGATextMode-1.10-src.tar.gz
tar -xzvf SVGATextMode-1.10-src.tar

(or tar xzvf SVGATextMode-1.10-src.tar depending on your particular distro)

Manuel Schiller 11-19-03 04:25 AM

Thanks a lot for the SVGATextMode hint yesterday.
The GeForce patch did not work out of the box
for me (I got 120Hz refresh rate for what should
be standard 80x25 vga text mode). I figured
that the code assumes a referece oscillator
clock for the pll which is too low. Looking
through the XFree86 sources, I could add about 10
lines of code which make things work for me.
Now I can do 192x60 character text mode in 9x16
font at 70Hz refresh. Cool. Iīm about to send a
patch to the SVGATextMode maintainer, so they can
check if my modification make sense and do not
break anything... Meanwhile, you can just e-mail
me for a replacement for the GeForce patch against
svgatextmode 1.10. I canīt promise you that this
works for you, or that it does not damage your
hardware, though.

For those whose monitors can handle 70.56kHz and
70 Hz, I used the following modeline:

My192x60 160.5 1536 1566 1754 2022 960 963 975 \
1008 font 9x16

Watching TV in with this text mode is fun!



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