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lukar 11-14-03 11:48 AM

NVIDIA Denies Unified Compiler Turn Off by 3DMark03

Luciano Alibrandi, European Product PR Manager for NVIDIA Corporation, has made a correction in regards previous information about NVIDIA’s Unified Compiler and 3DMark03 benchmark after getting into details with the company’s engineers. Apparently, the statement claiming that NVIDIA’s Unified Complier deployed to optimize pixel shader performance is disabled by the new version of 3DMark03 is not fully correct.
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So there was application detection and cheating again as before, which I knew :eek:

digitalwanderer 11-14-03 12:08 PM

Well if you knew why didn't you tell us? :eek2:

Oh, btw...http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...threadid=20984

Hellbinder 11-14-03 01:55 PM

I have said this for a couple days now. Imagine that ;)

Simply by the nature of the way a game interfaces with the API, Drivers, Hardware it is *impossible* for that to have happened. Nvdia knows that and they are Forced to Come clean.

It also brings to light my other point that this "Dynamic shader optomizer" is well... nothing more than a load of "dynamic BS". Do they have an "optimized" Compiler? Yes.. but so Does ATi and everyone else with the hardware.

Everything else.. I mean EVERYTHING else is Application detection and replacement period end of statement.

Wether people are ok with that or not is entirely up to the individual. Its only important (to me anyway) that people know and understand the truth.

ChrisRay 11-14-03 02:18 PM

At least now we can be certain that the compiler IS doing something, And we can be certain that the increase is actually there. But it still under ATIS offering (No Surprise)

But I still think Nvidias Compiler is a step in the right direction.

However, What disturbs me the most is the "DirectX 8.0" modes. The Vertex Shader shows me a little cause for concern.

jAkUp 11-14-03 02:32 PM

gah... same nvidia different day.. this is exactly why i jumped ship a few months ago:rolleyes:

bkswaney 11-14-03 02:33 PM

I agree. But for the sake of the NV users I hope that the speed keeps coming up and IQ stays good. No matter what they have to do to get it.
I don't care if they have to hire 1000 more people to hand tune every game coming out as long as the IQ is good and the speed is good. ;) "lol"

They should have thought about it before they released such a under powered card in the first place. :)
I hope it hurts there pocket just to teach them a lesson about going against the standards.

The Baron 11-14-03 03:45 PM

What Dig said.

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