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runeron 11-15-03 06:30 AM

NVIDIA install in Mandrake 9.2 (newbie with Linux)
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Having trouble installing the NVIDIA driver with MANDRAKE 9.2.

This is my first time with LINUX, so please be VERY specific.. Read a BUNCH of posts on the topic, but none seemed to work (either that or I did not understand it..).

* GeForce2 GTS
* 8KHA+ Mainboard w/AMD 1800Mhz
* uname -r gives: 2.4.22-10mdl

This is what I've tried (the LAST time..):
1) exit X with init 3 in the console, and login as root
2) enter the directory where I downloaded the driver (/home/'user'/...)
3) type 'sh NVIDIA-Linux....... -a' (or whatever)
4) after some installing, it starts to build the Kernel from my source
(I think..). Stops at about 20% and gives me an error (see below).
5) Scratch my head and consider using Windows for Neverwinter
Nights (again..).
Short version: 'unable to load the kernel module "nvidia.o". most likely because your kernel module was built using the wrong kernel-header-files... etc. ' (by the way - I don't know how to compile the kernel..)

* Error Message (logfile) - see attachment

I HAVE installed the Kernel-Source (think it was dl'ed - added it after the install). My /usr/src/ - directory contains:

1) /linux
2) /linux-2.4.22-1mdk
3) /RPM

When i try to specify the path in the installer to the /linux-2.4.22-1mdk directory, it adds an /linux at the end..

Any help would be appreciated!

Gun 11-15-03 11:09 AM

I think you need the right version.

Try downloading kernel-source-2.4.22-10mdk


Good luck.

runeron 11-15-03 02:16 PM

Wow! It worked!
I must say.. I'd like to give you a hug right now (but I'll controll myself)!

I downloaded and installed the kernel source, edited XF86Config-4, and everything worked like a charm! Thought I had the right version, but apparently I was wrong (isn't x-1 the same as x-10). Well. That does it - I'm sticking to Linux ;)

Hope it works for you as well!

powerpenguin 12-19-03 03:47 PM

thanks so much i had the same problem and it's now fixed :) !!!
here are my computers specs:
P4 2.4 ghz
Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200 (siluro by abit)
gigabyte motherboard


anyway thanks so much (nvidia should add this to the readme or somthing cause mandrake don't include the source)

thanks again
the powerfull penguin.

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