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darkshadow 09-22-02 01:59 PM

Dual ouput works in Windows but not Linux
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For over the last year I have been trying to get dual output to work but I have been unable I want cloned output through my GeForce 2 MX with it going out to a CRT and S-Video cable. I know my card is capable since I installed Windows and the Windows drivers just to test it. I am including my XF86Config file in hope someone can tell me what is wrong.

PLEASE don't say read to instruction I HAVE done that a million times.

darkshadow 09-22-02 02:02 PM

Thought I would mention the "Monitor" an "TV" screen section work fine on there own

mozartc 09-22-02 06:02 PM

A solution
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There we're a couple of things a little off in your config, so I've modified it and am posting it for you to try.

-TwinView screen driver was "Monitor", changed to "GeForce2 MX"
-MetaModes had a ";", changed to a ","
-TwinView option specified "1", removed, may work but not necessary
-SecondMonitorHorizSync set to "30-50" per NVIDIA README Appendix J
-SecondMonitorVertRefresh set to "60" per NVIDIA README Appendix J

Remember to back up your XF86Config-4 before replacing it with the one attatched to this message


darkshadow 09-22-02 11:01 PM

Thank you!! I got it to sort of work. the screen is cloned but on the tv I only see the top left part of the screen.

I think that it is not scaling down to 800x600 which I heard is a TV's max res.

I don't want to take my CRT's res down from 1280x1024 so what steps would I take to have two different resolutions.

Plus do you know where to find info on getting rid of the black borders.

And thank you again for the help so far. Now I can do work on my CRT but when I watch a DVD or Video file I just have to switch inputs on my tv and don't have to restart X

mozartc 09-23-02 04:37 AM

If playing DVDs on the TV is your goal, perhaps you might want to try the setup I use. I can switch between using my CRT at 1280x1024, or use my TV at 1024x768 without restarting X windows. Here how to do it:

change the line in the screen section:
Option "MetaModes" "1280x1024, 800x600"
Option "MetaModes" "1280x1024, NULL; NULL, 800x600"

Place a # in front of the TwinViewOrientation option line

After this starting X will cause you to use the CRT at 1280x1024 with the TV output disabled. To switch to TV at 800x600 with CRT disabled, press 'Ctrl','Alt', and '+'(number pad) keys together. To switch back press it again.

Hope thats what your looking for,
Have Fun!

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