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wheeljack12 10-03-13 07:49 AM

my rant about pc gaming
1. Splinter cell Blacklist and far cry 3 blood dragon. Anyone who has got a nvidia card this year or paid out of pocket for it, maybe disappointed by one aspect. If you skip full motion movies in this game, you can't restart the mission to watch them again. Meaning once you cloud save, you can't go back unless you play out the game fully and start again. With a Clancy book or Movie, can't you rewind a movie or reread the page before just because you may have skipped ahead to see what happens. Or in a gamers case, to see how your game performs with the hardware you have before you choose what settings suit you best. Even then, you don't get to choose your graphics settings until you are playing the game for the pc. Seems Ubisoft was too busy making Nvidia happy with their tech and forgot the gamer to a degree. And with FC3 blood dragon, you have to play an entire mission without any checkpoints before any saving happens. Now I didn't pay for my copy of the game. I do feel for those who do.

2. Checkpoints in general. Can't they program console games to push the pause button and save their game where they want on their hard drives which the two major consoles (PS3 and 4, xbox 360 and one)now have for the sake of all gamers? Even my friend who has a 4gb xbox 360 uses flash drives in the place of a hard drive for his xbox 360. Enough of the laziness game developers, let the gamer feel comfortable to save where they want to. The only game in the last two years that's AAA that does have game saves anywhere you want I know of is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

qube 10-10-13 06:04 AM

Re: my rant about pc gaming
skyrim you can qsave

wheeljack12 10-11-13 06:18 AM

Re: my rant about pc gaming
you are right about that game,you can save wherever you want. Overall in general, the main portion of gaming has the checkpoint saving issue. Back in the 90's, every type of game allowed you to save wherever you wanted.

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