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montejr 11-17-03 01:05 PM

Is dual boot possible on Linux
I am new to Linux and am wondering if dual boot is possible. Could I have Red Hat 7.1 and Red Hat 8.0 installed on the same machine?


TheOneKEA 11-17-03 03:34 PM


Install either OS first, partitioning it with an eye towards keeping enough space available for the second distro. Once the first distro is installed, go back and install the second (I'd install 7.1 and then 8.0).

blueworm 11-19-03 12:36 PM

Out of curiosity why would you want to do this?
If they where different distributions I could understand it!

TheOneKEA 11-19-03 12:59 PM

Don't be too surprised -- maybe he has to run a closed-source Linux program which breaks horribly on any distro except 7.1 due to library dependencies. He wants to use this program but he also wants something newer than 7.1.

It's not too difficult to understand; since they're both Linux, he can cross-mount the partitions and maintain access to his data with insane ease.

blueworm 11-19-03 01:23 PM

I myself had once dual booted gentoo and LFS...Educational reasons.
/boot and swap and /home partitions where common for both...
never got passed the login on LFS. I abandoned
due to lack of interest.

bahamot 11-20-03 02:15 AM


Could I have Red Hat 7.1 and Red Hat 8.0 installed on the same machine?
of course, last time i even have w2k,rh8,mdk9.1 on the same machine :)

jago25_98 12-05-03 10:12 AM

you can even have on the same partitions, but that's a bit advanced

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