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codelion 10-11-13 01:38 AM

Quadro FX 3700M w 325.15 repositions monitors differently after sleep / power off
This makes more sense if you read my whole setup, as described in another post.

Not to get me wrong, I love this Dell Precision M6400 (w Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M) running Linux (RHEL 6.4 derivative) driving a Seiki Digital SE39UY04 38.5" 4K Ultra HD display. Fyi, connected via dock Dell part 331-7947 (giving that old notebook a new DisplayPort 1.2) and DisplayPort to HDMI adapter Dell part 330-1271 and cable Dell part A5802058.

As described, my xorg.conf has a line

Option "ModeValidation" "NoExtendedGpuCapabilitiesCheck, NoMaxPClkCheck"

and here I am also disclosing it has a line

Option "MetaModeOrientation" "Above"

and about nothing else (Section "Files", two ModulePath, Section "Device", Identifier, Driver, that's it), and it works on startup, the Seiki is above the built-in notebook screen.

Lovely as it looks, and affordably as it is, the monitor isn't doing something right about going to sleep and waking up, others have mentioned it in forums.

My problem is when it comes back after it switched itself off, it comes back to the right of, instead of above the built-in notebook screen.

Running Linux-x86_64 Nvidia Driver Version 325.15, in an RHEL 6.4 derivative (Scientific Linux, similar to CentOS).

Me thinks this should be possible, when the screen comes back (fyi the NVIDIA X Server Settings GUI app recognizes it by the same name and IDs and such) for driver code to recognize this is the same screen again, put it the same place again. Anyway, the "Above" still should be in effect for any second screen.

New version driver coming with a fix? Anyone found a solution?

I am impressed with this 2008 introduced notebook and video card driving at 2013 introduced 3840x2160 screen. Good job Nvidia and Dell.

artem 10-11-13 04:01 PM

Re: Quadro FX 3700M w 325.15 repositions monitors differently after sleep / power off
You can describe anything you want, the problem is that you don't read.

This forum has been dead for almost a year already. I'm really curious how people manage to overlook that.

codelion 10-13-13 10:21 AM

[SOLVED] Quadro FX 3700M w 325.15 repositions monitors after sleep / power off
Usability problem solution:

System menu → Preferences → Power Management → On AC Power tab → Put display to sleep when inactive for: Never

Now I can happily work.

There would still be the question why when coming back from sleep it would put the screens not Above each other, but RightOf, even though on boot it respects the Option "MetaModeOrientation" "Above". But with never putting the display to sleep I never encounter that problem.

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