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digitalwanderer 11-18-03 08:42 AM

ATi: 6 Linux driver releases a year?
Is this common knowledge yet or did it slip under the wire? I read about it in an interview a few days ago and meant to post up about it, but had a brainfart & spaced it.

Does everyone know that ATi announced they are going to be releasing a new set of Linux drivers every other month? I hadn't heard of it but think it's a good thing and thought I should share. :)

The Baron 11-18-03 08:53 AM

It's not necessarily a good thing. Give me two or three driver releases a year that are ultra-stable rather than 6 buggy releases.

TheOneKEA 11-18-03 11:09 AM

Definitely. As long as they hold to this schedule and incorporate the bugfixes and new features that the Linux ATi folks want to have, I don't think this schedule is too unreasonable.

SuLinUX 11-18-03 05:43 PM

Yes but they are not as good as the nvidia installer, thats the main reason why I brough a FX5900U and it's paid off very well indeed.

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