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Line01 11-18-03 09:37 PM

Ok I AM a happy camper NOW
I just saw this on 3dmarks.


Mine is the one on the left:( Every thing is a perfect match and the Radeon 9800 pro beats my FX 5900 bad.:eek:

saturnotaku 11-18-03 09:40 PM

Do your games play fine? If so, then quit yer bellyaching.

Line01 11-18-03 09:42 PM

It plays them pretty well but sometimes I do see a slight stutter almost like something has hung it up for a second.

TheTaz 11-18-03 09:46 PM

Is yer 5900 a Non-Ultra?

Why do you think a 5900 Non-Ultra is $220 or so and a 9800 Pro is $300? :confused:



Line01 11-18-03 09:48 PM

Yep Taz the non ultra one with 400/850 core and clock

saturnotaku you gotta take a chill pill a fact is a fact I just want to know why. Every thing is the same even more ram for me. I notice that My card in my CPU range scored nice for an FX5900 but that Radeon beat it bad was looking for an answer.

Anybody had problems with their soundblaset live card I wonder if thats a problem.

digitalwanderer 11-18-03 10:04 PM

Uhm, could it be that the 9800 is simply a better card than 5900? :angel2:

ChrisRay 11-18-03 10:07 PM

Uh All I see is a 9800 Pro results. 5900 Non Ultra really isnt able to be classified with a 9800 Pro anyway.

TheTaz 11-18-03 10:11 PM


Originally posted by Line01
Yep Taz the non ultra one with 400/850 core and clock

Well... clock speed of the cards (between an ATi and an nVidia card) has little to do with it. When it comes to DX 9 stuff... an ATi card doesn't need as much clock, to beat nVidia. I understand you were specifiying the clockspeed of yer 5900 Non-Ultra, for clarity... just making sure you weren't getting hung up on a comparison of clocks between ATi and nVidia.

ATi has 8x1 pipes and FP 24 (The DX 9 standard).
nVidia has 4x2 pipes and FP 16 / 32 (Combo that don't work as well).

While your card may keep up / possibly spank a 9800 Pro in certain DX 8 applications and certain OpenGL applications... it'll get stomped "by default" on DX 9 applications (Unless the game was optimized for nVidia, or nvidia optimized their drivers for a paticular game).

Hence why a 5900 Non-Ultra is $220 and a 9800 Pro is $300. ;)

Hope that helped,


Line01 11-18-03 10:13 PM

Mine was around 4400 His was around 5300. With everything equal but I had more memory.

It did Taz thinks:) For some reason I thought the FX 5900 was 8 pipeline
if I had known that I would not bought it.:( Because when I used modded drivers on my Radeon 9500 when it opened up the 8 pipelines it was a lot faster then in 4 pipeline mod even though it had only 64 megs.

digitalwanderer 11-18-03 10:14 PM


Originally posted by Line01
Mine was around 4400 His was around 5300. With everything equal but I had more memory.
And different video cards, 3dm2k3 is kind of sensitive to that kind of thing. ;)

ragejg 11-18-03 10:17 PM

bah, run patch 320 or 330... :afro: :afro:

Ruined 11-18-03 10:54 PM

Just wait for the next set of Nvidia drivers, you will get 500-1000 mark boost :afro:

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