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wheeljack12 10-28-13 05:29 PM

with the new price cuts, getting another gtx 770
with Nvidia price cutting the gtx 770 and gtx 780 ($329.99 for gtx 770 and $499.99 for gtx 780), I am getting a gtx 770 and giving my gtx 760 to my brother. I was going to go for a r9 280x, but when I saw the price cuts, I just went ape s with joy since a gtx 770 outperforms a radeon 7970 and a r9 280x.

XDanger 10-28-13 06:56 PM

Re: with the new price cuts, getting another gtx 770
Is it new motherboard time for me? :( (pci-e 2.0)

770 sure looks sweet

wheeljack12 10-29-13 01:12 PM

Re: with the new price cuts, getting another gtx 770
Hey XDanger! I was on the fence about a pair of r9 280x's or gtx 760 4gb cards. But when the price cut came down from Nvidia,I jumped out of my seat. Getting either a galaxy or MSI gtx 770 on the 31st. You probably noticed I am down to one gtx 760. Sold off the other for a profit along with my brother's gtx 660. He's getting the gtx 760 when I get the 770. And like I have read, the 770 outperforms the r9 280x hands down, even the 2gb version. Right now (poor soul) is using onboard radeon hd 4250. Can't even use amd drivers, has to use MS whql drivers.

XDanger 10-29-13 03:03 PM

Re: with the new price cuts, getting another gtx 770
I guess if I sell my 6950 first to get a 770 I'll have an excuse to play GTAV finally.

Can you clear up the pci-e 2.0 memory bandwidth limitation confusion I have regarding the 770 caused by things like this quote and it's ilk ...

"clock of the PCI 2.0 x16 being 5GHZ therefore there would be a bottleneck because the GTX 770 has a memory speed of 7GHZ."

Is it a , true but it doesnt matter, situation or a true and matters a bit thing?

my next card I hope.

wheeljack12 10-30-13 01:39 AM

Re: with the new price cuts, getting another gtx 770
the memory speed of a video card isn't a limitation on pci-e 2.0 meaning 5 ghz or 7ghz doesn't make a difference meaing ram clock speeds aren't a bottleneck. The main difference is how fast things move on the pci-e 3.0 bus. Pci-e 2.0 x16 is 8GT/second or in Lamens terms 8 gigabytes one way/16 gigabytes bi-directional meaning the cards sends 16gb in two directions (to and from the cpu). Pci-e 3.0 x16 is double at 16GT/second or 16gb second one way and or 32 gigabytes bi directional. The pci-e 2.0 bus hasn't even used up all of the bandwidth of the fastest cards being the gtx 690/radeon 7990 at about 350gb/sec. I know it doesn't make sense because of the high bandwidth but every review I have read said this. Anyhow, my brother's system uses a pci-e 2.0 x16 slot for video cards and he has used pci-e 3.0 cards on it with no problem. (zotac gtx 660 amp! at 158gb/sec memory bandwidth). And the performance difference between pci-e 2.0 and 3.0 is like 5-10 percent at most. So, don't worry about jumping to pci-e 3.0 as AMD themselves don't have pci-e 3.0 motherboards out yet but they sell pci-e 3.0 cards. Actually there is one motherboard (sabertooth 990fx 2.0/gen 3) that was custom built by asus to use pci-e 3.0 but that's it for AMD and you can't find that motherboard anymore for a reasonable price as it was discontinued. Anyhow, here is the wiki page for pci express:


btw, they made a mistake in the wiki, they say a 32x slot does 16 gb/sec in pci-e 2.0. 32 lane pci-e doesn't exist. 16 lane (16x) pci-e 2.0 does 16 gb/sec bi-directional unless server motherboards have 32 lane pci-e 2.0 slots in pci-e 2.0. Anyhow, if you can afford, try getting this, it's the fastest factory overclocked card out there for memory in the gtx 770 series (and pretty much the fastest in gpu speeds too):


it does 230gb/sec bandwidth vs. the traditional gtx 770 224 gb/sec memory bandwidth.

here's a review on the gtx 770 amp from zotac:

wheeljack12 10-30-13 02:25 AM

Re: with the new price cuts, getting another gtx 770
I am getting this:

or this:

Both are $330 cdn before shipping and taxes.

Budget is a little out of range for the amp! card as it costs $420 cdn before shipping and taxes.

XDanger 10-30-13 03:00 PM

Re: with the new price cuts, getting another gtx 770
Damn price went up overnight !! :headexplode:

was 236 or something ,Now 280...with no games coupons

Probably some idiot at ebuyer didnt know about the price drop and saw the price and thought "I better fix this before I get in trouble"

Zotac for 250 with games is ok I guess though

I look forward to finally being able to use my monitor to somewhere near its limits. (2048x1536 @ 75hz)

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