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Zapablast05 11-01-13 07:35 PM

Razer Blackwidow keyboard
I just have a quick question for anyone who has this keyboard. I just picked up a non-ultimate Blackwidow for $80 at Fry's. I knew there had to be something wrong with it for being that price. I noticed as soon as I began to type that I wasn't typing correctly. Low and behold, the left homekey is NOT the F key. It's in fact, on the D key. I've never owned a Razer keyboard before and I know for a fact that it's not supposed to be on the D key (I've used a Blackwidow Ultimate at BB). Is this like, some sort of foreign version or did their QA just really **** this one up and let it slip through?

Zapablast05 11-02-13 12:08 AM

Re: Razer Blackwidow keyboard
Anybody have a clue?

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