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Nephilim 11-19-03 02:36 PM

Need help finding default fonts
Hi guys,

Got an unusual question here. I've searched MS and google only to find zilch. I have inadvertently removed some of the core fonts that come with windows xp and I need to put them back on. Where on the install CD can I find them (what files are they in)?

schuey74 11-19-03 03:29 PM

God only know where to find those files on the XP CD, but that's not a problem. Any other computer that's running XP is your friend, as long it has a CD burner. C:/Windows/Fonts - the folder is about 80 megs and all you have to do is copy / paste from the CD you burned to the same directory on your HD.

Nephilim 11-19-03 03:42 PM

Hmm...why didn't I think of that, there's another XP machine not 5 feet from me. Doh!

Either way, I got it sorted out. All the fonts are in the i386 folder. They are compressed as FILENAME.TT_

I just extracted them and reinstalled them. Although copying them from the other machine over the network would have been quicker. Leave it to me to think of the non-obvious (i.e hard) way of doing it. :)

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