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Bowen 11-09-13 04:22 AM

GeForce GTX 800 Series Release Date??
I was wondering when and what Nvidia will be releasing in early 2014? I'm looking to upgrade, and I currently have a GeForce GTX 670 SC and love it, but it's time to move on now. I'm specifically looking at the $400 price point which usually offers to the 2nd to the top single core GPU.

I'm assuming it will be called the 800 series. I see AMD just released the Radeon 290. I've had Nvidia cards for a long time, and the last time I had a Radeon was the Radeon 9800 Pro. After that, it's been all Nvidia cards.

I'm hoping Nvidia will release something, since I'm used to Nvidia but I'm open to going back to AMD if need be. I'm looking for a card that will allow me to run pretty much any game on it's highest mode. I specifically play Battlefield 3, 4 and SWTOR and I'll be getting TitanFall, when it's released next year.

Thanks in advance.

Bowen 11-10-13 01:44 AM

Re: GeForce GTX 800 Series Release Date??
Looks like I found a rumor that looks like it might be true. There are a couple sites saying Nvidia will be releasing Maxwell in the 1st Qtr. of 2014. Looks as if the new 20nm process will be delayed, but I'm totally fine with using Maxwell at a 28nm process. http://videocardz.com/45403/nvidia-t...ell-in-q1-2014

I'll admit, I'd rather get a Nvidia card since I've had so many with very few problems, but at the very worst I'll end up getting a R9 290. I guess that wouldn't be too horrible.

MikeC 03-14-14 03:55 PM

Re: GeForce GTX 800 Series Release Date??

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