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wheeljack12 11-26-13 07:55 PM

2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
I was having a conversation with a friend about this. he says there is no reason to get a 4gb card unless you go mutl monitor or 4k. The only validation was the lack of price premium. A gtx 770 2gb card with taxes goes for about $451 at my local store a. A gtx 770 4gb card goes for $463 with shipping and taxes from 3 online retailers. I told him for the small price hike of like $12, why not? Any thoughts? With my budget, I could go gtx 780 if there was a massive black friday price drop but the $463 is my max otherwise.

XDanger 11-27-13 01:47 PM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
4gb because consoles have some ram at last so the ports will expect more than 2gb.

wheeljack12 11-28-13 05:02 AM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
Hey XDanger, nice to hear from a friendly voice again. The reason I had the debate with my friend is that he is big into buying and trading vid cards (both NV and AMD) and his point of view on it came from the fact that a game like bf4 was able to play at max settings on a gtx 670 2gb that he had at the time. Meaning the recommended requirements are somewhat overstated shall we say on a bleeding edge type of game. Also, you have remember that a next gen console doesn't have a discreteness to it in the sense that the limted amount of ram on the consoles(be it ddr 5 in ps4 or ddr3 in xbone) is shared ram between graphics, the os and the cpu. It's that HUMA architechure that amd is pushing with it's next gen apu's also (Kaveri). The discete video cards main advantage still that a desktop pc maintains is that it has the ability to have discreteness of memory in video cards. Meaning that 2gb is only used for video. Next gen NV Maxwell is going to change that in the sense that they are going to have the same or more discrete ram on the video card, but that shared part you see in the dxdiag and wei in driver form will actually make the system ram in pc's actually share or lend to the video card as a extension instead of being a ms statistic. In other words, the modularity of the pc meaning and that video card barriers will finally be fixed by the need for more pc ram above it's 8gb norm for most gamers will change due to that very fact. I wouldn't see 32gb as a necessity, but 16 quite possibly. But like I have posted before nv maxwell may see the light of day until 3q 2014 due to complications in the 20nm fab process for next gen gpu's. Kinda seems like divine intervention also in the sense that ddr 4 at higher transfer rates won't take consumer form until q1 2015 in the sense of timing. Meaning the sharing comes first then the speed kicks in after that. My only left over problem is with patience. My local retailer stocks mainly 2gb gtx 770 with 4gb 770's being special order. I could order from a online retailer and wait a couple of days. So, it's that similar frustration you had when your retailers were upping the prices on gtx 770's and you felt at a disadvantage due to overall value for the buck. The one that does give me peace is that amd apu's and mainstream intel cpu's (ivy bridge,sandy bridge, haswell) have integrated gpu's on them. So, as of right now i am using my hd 4000 igpu as a temporary stop gap for a functional pc. It's too bad that intel iris 5000 graphics weren't available in socket form (the cpu's for that series of igpu comes in bga or soldered to the motherboard form of cpu for stuff like intel NUC's for examples), as they come on par with low end amd and nv graphics (amd 6670, nv gt 630 or 640). It would take away from that impatience a little.

wheeljack12 11-28-13 05:19 AM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
the one thing I also learned from a user on this forum that stuck with me in terms of ram in general, it's not the amount of ram you have but how fast it can go. Seems to make sense in terms of next gen maxwell for shared ram meaning I would rather see graphics ddr 5 take form in pc ram instead of ddr 4 to match up for sharing in terms of transfer speeds. The ps4 takes a page from that using gddr 5 as it's shared ram (although only 8gb) at I think from what I read at a memory bandwidth of 177gb/sec. That's on par with a gtx 480 at least. The reveal I would I like to have a read at is how much in average is the amd apu's in next gen consoles using for the graphics,os and cpu. It would give us pc users a standard not so much to follow but to see a from a future proofing standing from the pc's upcoming game ports.

XDanger 11-28-13 03:39 PM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
Is that bf4 with standard textures or teh megatextures?

wheeljack12 11-28-13 05:54 PM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
that I don't know.

wheeljack12 11-28-13 06:00 PM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
XDanger, when you are referring to megatextures, are you talking about high res textures built into a patch or in the game itself. Or are you talking about a bf4 mod of some sort?

XDanger 11-29-13 02:50 PM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
idk, maybe im thinking of that other game, or maybe im thinking of the ps4 version of one of those 2 games.

I'll check the internet to see what the hell I'm talking about.

"Mega textures push Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC to 50GB"

yeah , so not bf4 , the other one.

Are the textures in bf4 mega already? :)

Seriously though I get what you mean about speed vs size but I think 2gb will probably be proven to be a limiting factor sooner rather than later, If you plan to upgrade again in a year or whatever then it's less of an issue.

I might get back into upgrading, Keeping hold of the same hardware for too long ends up costing more in the long run, or I wont need to spend such large amounts of money in one shot.

wheeljack12 11-30-13 05:53 AM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
XDanger, the 50gb you are talking about is the installation size on your hard drive, not the video ram usage on a video card. I will ask my friend about high res textures (improved graphics that are added upon the original graphics) for bf4. as for COD ghosts, My brother is using a gtx 660 amp from zotac for COD ghosts, no problems there. The install size for cod ghosts is 30-40gb. There are no high res textures there. One curve ball activision did was change the normal 4gb of min. system ram to 6gb then patched it so it would work with 4gb of system ram for cod ghosts, not video ram. My idea that I was trying to get across is that 2gb of video ram is fine for now and probably will be until 3q 2014 when next gen video cards hit the market. Until that time (3q 2014), speed will be the purchasing factor until then. Then the rules will change when ram on video and motherboards intermix with NV maxwell. You may not even need more video ram if the unified memory thing that nvidia wants to do where the video ram and motherboard ram do truly get combined. Like I was told on this very board by another user, it's not how much you have in ram (be it video or system), it's how fast it can go for better frame rates. I ended getting a zotac gtx 770 amp! 2gb card from my local retailer. They had a black friday sale on it where instead of being $369 cdn, it dropped to the nvidia msrp of $329 cdn. If you want, go to a currency calculator and compare my canadian dollar with pounds by entering what I paid with what you would pay in equivalent. Like I said, I'll get a answer asap about bf4 and high res textures.

wheeljack12 11-30-13 07:46 AM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
XDanger, I looked at your system sig, I would think of a 1080p lcd monitor upgrade before a video card. You aren't even flexing the muscle of that 6950 you have. Unless AMD is not brand you prefer anymore. I find too many growing pains in amd cards to actually enjoy them. You may see it differently.

wheeljack12 12-01-13 05:58 AM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
BTW, XDanger, my brother's 21.5' lcd at 1080p cost him less than $100 cdn. So,something bigger than 22' crt shouldn't be that much more. I remember when I had to let go of my 24' crt.
Had a larger res than 1080p.

Things that swayed me to lcd was:
1. Radiation- less strain on the eyes and less chance of headaches
2. No Ghosting- the ghosting problem that plagued lcd's years ago in no longer present even in budget lcd's
3. Less power consumption- saves $ on the electric/hydro bill
4. Smaller-you don't have use as much space on your desk to get that big tube in the back on your table
4. Refresh rates-for higher priced lcd monitors (the ones that say they are led are led backlit but use liquid crystal to still display. led if sold alone would cost too much but is even more cost effective. hence why led bulbs are so expensive vs. cfl bulbs) you can now get up to 240hz refresh which means smoother gameplay
5. (if you decide on a nvidia card)-g-sync-nvidia has already added adaptive v-sync to their gtx 600 and 700 cards. That means v-sync on the fly rather then preset from the game or video card control panel with regular v-sync always on. The g-sync is a redundancy to this in that the monitor does it part to add to video card v-sync either being adaptive or otherwise. G-sync lcd monitors are coming in q1 next year.
although you can buy one model (asus vg248qe) http://www.asus.com/Monitors_Projectors/VG248QE/ and get a g-sync kit from either nvidia or a etailer that sells it then get a pro modder shop to add the kit.

wheeljack12 12-01-13 06:06 AM

Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?
if you decide against a monitor and still want to go video card, here is a guide in US dollars that will help you out with price points and value from Tom's hardware:


(this and a cpu giude there get's updated monthly)

what I am getting at is bf4 at 1080p I confrmed doesn't need more than 2gb with my friend that has a gtx 680 2gb (used a gtx 670 before as uses amd/nvidia video cards as a side job buying,selling and trading used on kijiji) confirmed that that the game is already at high res when playing with the textures included with the game. So, if your heart is set on a newer vc for faster frame rates, then 2gb is fine. The bf4 needing 3gb of video memory is more hype than actual fact. I mean if they say a gtx 660 3gb (which is very hard to find in 3gb,mostly gtx 660's are in 2gb variants) can play it for nvidia as recommended for bf4, I can't see the worry over anything. And as for consoles, my best guess is that 2gb oif the 8 on ps4 has to used for it's own os,2gb for swapping leaving max 4gb for video, not even that. Xbox one I would see using near the same.

here's a console comparision:

Also, with nvidia cards, if you like doing game recording and showing off to friends, then you'll love shadowplay. Shadowplay uses a piece of hardware on the gtx 600 and 700 cards that doesn't slow down game play called nvenc (nvidia h.264 hardware encoder) that encodes on the fly and saves to the directory of choice. AMD cards don't have that in terms of hardware. so, if game recording don't matter, then choose what you will.

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