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wheeljack12 11-26-13 08:10 PM

gotta stop torturing myself!
For the last month, I decided against going with the stable and went amd for my vid card instead of a gtx 770. I went with a r9 280x to save myself a measly $20. You may call it fanboyism, but i have felt anxious up until this day about having the card. Sold it off to end the torture of bad driver uninstalls and generally the massive growing pains of amd users. I did learn to respect the amd gpu user more now that they go with what they choose. I just couldn't take the pain anymore. When I looked at my brother's card, I felt a peace come over me (seriously) and took action immediately to sell off the card. It may sound funny, but ever since I owned two 6990's that couldn't outmatch a 3gb gtx 580 at the time, that stuck in my head and my subconscious woke me up again to reality. NV just does it right. Driver installs right. You can fresh install by checkboxing in the nv installer. NV drivers don't leave bits behind. And most of all, nv doesn't need a seperate uninstaller that screws up your ability to uninstall programs in win 8.1's program and features menu. And what I did find out was a near a 10 step process to manually get amd drivers out completely. To sum things up, NV is simple and staight forward and amd for me is a torture.

Shamrock 11-26-13 09:11 PM

Re: gotta stop torturing myself!
I've not had a problem with my 7850HD. install and go, everytime.

wheeljack12 11-27-13 07:07 AM

Re: gotta stop torturing myself!
I accept your kindness towards the issue Shamrock. For me, it was more of emotional trauma than really a fanboyism towards one company or the other. My experience has been one of not so much joy when using amd gpu products. Like I said I respect and admire the courage amd users have for the growing pains that amd puts you through. Yes, Nvidia also has growing pains of their own. NV's growing pains get remedied faster than AMD's. To put it bluntly, My constant bad experiences (not as a generalization) have been too many for me to really accustom myself back to even using amd's gpu product as I have given amd's product multiple chances to show me something better. Every time through circumstance or actual problem it's just soured me away from amd regardlessof price points, bundles or anything else that gives a good appearance to amd or nv. For AMD's sake, I would like to see the day where consistancy does come about for them. For instance, the variance in their r9 290 gpu boost issue first when I found out that their gpu actually runs normally at 664 mhz and gpu boosts to 947 makes me feel like it's a step backwards in terms of overall value. And with the future, I can only see nv and amd making another refresh because I learned that the 20nm process isn't due in high yields for both companies until 3Q 2014. Which means we (amd and nv) may see another rebadge/refresh before nv maxwell or amd next gen hits the market. I mean MS shot themselves in the foot by hindering the pc on the software front. I don't want to see hardware manufacturers doing the same. My final words,I like mobile devices for being mobile. On the other hand, no mobile device can outmatch a desktop pc or macpro desktop for raw processing power.

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