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wheeljack12 12-01-13 02:40 AM

recommedations for psu for two gtx 770's
I currently have a zotac amp! gtx 770. Looking to pair up with another in sli. Need recommendations on psu wattage for a new psu. Any thoughts?

john19055 01-27-14 02:42 PM

Re: recommedations for psu for two gtx 770's
I would just get a good brand 850 watt ,Silverstone $129,Corsair $119,Seasonic,I have a XFX 850watt silver and it runs ever thing I have with no problems.If it is a decent brand then even a bronze edition will be good.

wheeljack12 01-28-14 01:24 PM

Re: recommedations for psu for two gtx 770's
I have a couple of corsair 850 watt that come to mind. The ax850 and hx850. Both within my price range and both 80 plus gold. And both are around $180 before tax and/or shipping.

krocodile 01-30-14 01:49 PM

Re: recommedations for psu for two gtx 770's
I recently added my second GTX 770. I am running a PC Power and Cooling Mk III 850W with no issues, and I have a lot of accessories and other components attached as well. SLI unfortunately has it little glitches, but in my case it is not related to a power issue.

Second important thing is how much cooling you have around the system where your two GPU's would reside. On a harsh game like Tomb Raider 2013 with all the settings to the max, both of my cards tend to run around 80 to 81C. Definitely noticeable in a quiet home :)

wheeljack12 01-31-14 06:05 AM

Re: recommedations for psu for two gtx 770's
I have decided on what I am buying. I am getting a antec high current gamer 850 watt. Its only 80 plus bronze at $129.99 from my local retailer, Canada Computers. I am more concerned now for the wattage over superior power effiency of 80 plus platinum not that 80 plus bronze is nothing to sneeze at. Also ordered a second zotac gtx 770 amp from best buy canada for $389 with free shipping and taxes. Getting the psu today and the video card monday the 3rd.

wheeljack12 02-01-14 11:20 AM

Re: recommedations for psu for two gtx 770's
update, got the psu from Canada computers. sending in a $25 MIR in a visa prepaid card from antec today. As for the second gtx 770 amp to go sli, I got it from best buy Canada for $389 w/free ground shipping and taxes. It shipping from the west coast bestbuy/future shop warehouse in B.C. to Ontario (basically from Washington State to NY state in equivalence). Was told it shipped out last night and will be here no later than friday the 7th. Had to cost cut somewhere including the price (best buy canada had the best price at $344.99 without a rebate) to get what I wanted. Oh well, it's not like I don't have a video card already. Just making things faster with a second card in sli. BTW, the psu is whisper quiet compared to the rosewill fortress 750 watt 80 plus platinum I had. The rosewill costs $120 at newegg canada, the antec $129.99 at Canada computers. Got $100 of my $120 back from the rosewill via kijiji. So, you could say I didn't spend that much. And the antec is part modular being the motherboard and cpu power (or at least one of two cpu connections) is wired. The rest is modular. And the antec psu has two rockers on/off switches on it. One for led lighting on the psu fan, the second obviously for the psu itself.

john19055 02-15-14 06:07 AM

Re: recommedations for psu for two gtx 770's
A 850watt Antec should do just fine.

wheeljack12 02-16-14 07:58 AM

Re: recommedations for psu for two gtx 770's
thanks John. Have been using the 850 watt antec for about a week and a half without problem in gtx 770 sli.

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