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CrackDown 09-23-02 02:09 AM

New system reboots on its own.
I upgraded over the weekend and can't find out whats making it reboot on its own. It did it whilst copying files from hdds, it did it whilst playing bf1942, and it did it when browsing internet sites. also, it did it when i unplugged my usb modem.


p4 2.53ghz
asus p4s8x mobo
512 pc2700 ram
wd 120gb 8mb cache hdd
gf2 ultra (from old machine)
q-tec 400w psu.

thanx for any help.

FastM 09-23-02 09:42 AM

I would start by lowering your Memory speed to 266Mhz. Try the system out for a while and if it seems stable, but it back to 333Mhz and up the Memory Voltage a notch or two.

CrackDown 09-23-02 11:18 AM

spoke to someone today who said that it might be because I have a c: drive as 10gb, and my d: drive is 101gb and that winxp can't handle it with system indexing. After it reboots in event viewer i get loads of errors all the same saying something like "device,\harddisk1\d not ready for access".

Others are saying its the PSU.


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