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babyface 11-22-03 12:12 AM

boot problem

i am a real newbie to linux. i just installed rh7.2 and this is my very first time trying to use linux.

when i installed the linux, i didn't want to alter anything to mbr since i already have win98 installed. so i selected "boot from fdd" method by making a boot disk. i tried to boot from the disk. at boot prompt, i type
"linux" or just press enter. but i get reply saying "cannot find boot image."

i am using maxtors 80 g harddrive, 40 g for win98 and 40 g for linux.
i checked and found that linux is installed correctly but i just can't find a way to boot into that partition where i have installed linux.

please help me,


Kiamu 11-22-03 01:28 AM

what bootmanager are you using?

in lilo something like 'root=/dev/hda2' (or where ever your linux boot image is located) would help ... if i remember correctly ;)
me is getting old ;P

for grub search the man-page or the web.

HateEternal 11-25-03 11:00 PM

What was posted above is good advice, if you still cant get things to work, i would reinstall linux, maybe a newer version and install grub, i have had no problems with it and dual booting with windows.

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