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ethereal 11-22-03 06:03 AM

nForce2 nvaudio record problem
Hi, all
There is a problem with my nvaudio module.
I have A7N8X-X motherboard, kernel linux-2.4.22 and nforce driver pack installed from NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.src.rpm
I can hear sound but I can't record anything.
I've cheked my mixer settings, it's all Ok with them, i can even heard voice, saying in the mic., but when i type
rec <file> and then play <file> the result is void.
When i type cat /dev/dsp i see only three or four different simbols on screen and nothing changes when i speak somthing in mic.

If anyone know how to solve this, please help me.

Best regards, Ethereal

blueworm 11-22-03 07:21 PM

nvaudio is based on OSS sound.
It does not support full-duplex .
If you want full duplex install alsa drivers for intel8x0.

ethereal 11-23-03 12:32 AM

>nvaudio is based on OSS sound.
>it does not support full-duplex .

the most interesting thing is that i could record some voice yesterday. I don't know how it became work, but I just start `record` and all was Ok. But after reboot nothing worked again.

Ok, thanks, I'll try alsa.

ethereal 11-23-03 12:22 PM

Thank you, blueworm
With alsa drivers all works Ok :)

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