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wheeljack12 12-06-13 06:03 PM

core i5 vs. i7- performance difference?
I am thinking of giving my ivy bridge mb,cpu and case to my bro (I really want up his performance and get him away from amd fx since the price is right)and get myself the following:

core i5 4670 (non-k)- I don't overclock and need to cost cut as much as possible
gigabyte z87x-ud4h mb- similar to what I have now but more expensive

total cost for both from newegg w/shipping and taxes: $498 cdn
(ships locally from mississauga,canada, 40 mins from where I live, so if I ordered on fri dec.20, I would have the parts monday dec. 23)

the question I have is for those who have had i7 and i5, is there much of a performance hit between say a 3770k i7 and a 4670 core i5? Please help.

wheeljack12 12-07-13 03:20 AM

Re: core i5 vs. i7- performance difference?
If I get it from my local store (canada computers) price w/ taxes: $492

wheeljack12 12-07-13 03:30 AM

Re: core i5 vs. i7- performance difference?
also, the reason for the choice of motherboard was two fold. One intel nic. The other is that the 3rd pci-e 2.0 slot is not tied into the other two pci-e 3.0 slots. Alot of budget haswell boards are doing 3 pci-e 3.0 slots (x8.x4.x4). With this one I get 2 pci-e 3.0 (x8.x8 in sli) and a seperate pci-e 2.0 4x slot which I need for a raid card and I don't want slower video in 2 way sli meaning x8,x4. The only drawback is that the other two pci-e 1x slots . The two 1x between the video cards are turned off when the 4x slot is used. The one above the 1st video card still works and that is all I need to get my sound card working. This is the exact same config as my ivy bridge mb.

Here is the site for the mb:

wheeljack12 12-17-13 08:28 AM

Re: core i5 vs. i7- performance difference?
found a cheaper alternative. the ud4h's little brother, the ud3h. Same config as the ud4h but $20 cheaper at newegg. Also, got my brother to chip in a little and getting a i7 4770. (wanted to do the 4771 since I don't overclock but a little too expensive as I can get the 4770 for $320 before tax at my local retailer).

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