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wheeljack12 12-07-13 09:00 AM

about backing up uplay installers
uplay installers that you want to backup are not tied to a single number per game. (meaning if yoiu go into the installers directory under ubisoft/ubisoft game launcher/cache/installers) Each user gets a unique number for each game. So, for instance if sc: blacklist for me has the number 444 for installer, another user may have something like 91. So, if you are backing up for more than one user for one game, you have to backup a installer for each user in your home that owns a particula same gamer. This is a PITA compared to steam where one game backup can be used over multiple users over multiple pc's as long as the game is in given users library. For AC IV: Black flag, I don't know what rules apply for mutliple owners of the same game in a given household since it installs on the fly and doesn't need a installer. see my thread on backing up ac Iv:black flag for more details.

nutcrackr 09-02-14 05:16 PM

Re: about backing up uplay installers
why the hell would they do this, different users still have the same games.

although I remember that in the early days of steam they had games under the user folder, not the common folder. Maybe they will learn.

wheeljack12 09-03-14 04:59 PM

Re: about backing up uplay installers
uplay does this because their thought patterns are *ss backwards. In steam they actually have a built in client backup that can backup your games to any size as long as your choice of storage has enough space. You 1st backup the game to the size of choice (there is a option to choose any size) then if you are using optical media for instance you can burn with your favorite burning app to a optical disk (bd,dvd or cd). If you are just backing up on your internal or external storage drive, you just copy the directory (or directories) from either your choice of directory path or the steam backup directory to your storage drive. With UBIsoft, they make you save the uncompressed installation directory rather than a compressed backup. Put it this way, to backup splinter cell: blacklist's install directory took 19GB of 25 on a bd-re. The only game that I have had on steam that I couldn't backup was wolfenstein onto optical media. And that only because it needs a bd-re dl (50 gb disk). Which comes to my idea. BD-rom's are cheap now. next gen consoles use bd-rom drives. Why the heck are pc gaming companies still using dvd dl's (8.5 gb disks) to sell retail copies of their game? It's a waste of materials (4 dual layer dvd's vs. one bd dl disk)when wolfenstein the new order is on 4 dvd dl's (that's approx. 34 gb of a 44gb install)and steam still has to download 12-14GB of data after the install based on the rest of the game data and patches done since the game release. What security measure is that when you force the user who actually goes to a store and buys the retail copy knowing it's going to be a big install and doesn't want to waste hours of his day downloading if possible. I mean steam has a offline mode to play games just in case the internet goes down locally. For you guys with huge steam libraries and download caps, you know what I am talking about. As for all other game clients (uplay, origin,etc) those companies must be in love with the NSA because they don't want your data to be yours. It's one thing to own a software license and go by it's terms,it's a whole nother story when the user is restricted beyond the software license in how they are allowed to keep that software/data. I guess that's why GOG.com exists.

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