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Brad Smith 11-22-03 06:23 PM

RH EL 3 & Nvidia
Does anyone have an estimate of when the drivers from NVidia will work with RedHat's Enterprise Linux 3 (taroon)?

The install seemed to work ok, but when I modified XFConfig86 as instructed and rebooted, X would not start properly.


Brad Smith

LordMorgul 11-22-03 08:21 PM

RHEL is essentially just another linux, with officially backed support for use in a production environment. It should work now... but I noticed there was another poster that had issues with it also.

What kernel is it running? Did the module load without errors, and is there anything useful in the log, /var/log/XFree86.0.log?
Posting configs + logs is useful. If you're certain you've not made errors in those areas (and its a specific issue), better drop some analysis so peeps can help you figure it out. There will apparently be no driver release in the near future.

Brad Smith 11-28-03 06:34 PM

RHEL - A Partial Solution
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I did some googling for related information on problems with RHEL and nvidia. I also followed some links from the #nvidia channel on the freenode irc network. The nvidia driver works if I add:

Option "NvAgp" "1"

to the Device section of XFConfig86. I note however that the driver (or XFRee) has a difficult time with resolution on this screen (a Samsung 172T flat panel). Native mode for this device is 1280x1024. The driver keeps defaulting to something other than that (e.g. 1024x768) unless I add some modeline statements. I did not have to do this in RH 9.

I have attached the XFConfig86 file and the log file. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

AOpen Geforce 3 Ti200
Samsung 172T (w/ DVI port)

RedHat Enterprise WS
Kernel 2.4.21-4.0.1.EL

Brad Smith 11-28-03 06:40 PM

Partial Solution - 2nd file
1 Attachment(s)
Attached is the log file mentioned in the prior post.


LordMorgul 12-01-03 12:50 AM

The config shows the commented out modes option does not contain "1280x1024". Did you add it? Was it removed during testing of your custom modeline?

X should use the highest resolution that succeeds in the Modes option, so it should work to add multiple resolutions there (it also allows you to cycle through them using alt_ctrl_+ / alt_ctrl_-)

Brad Smith 12-02-03 04:44 PM

There is a mode line above the one commented out which has:

Modes "1280x1024_172"

This corresponds to the Modeline entry in the monitor section. This seems to be the only way I have found to force X to recognize the 1280x1024 mode for this monitor. I did not have to do this with RH9 but seems to be necessary with RHEL. The modes line that is commented out were the only resolutions recognized by the configuration tool.

Thanks for taking a look.


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