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wheeljack12 12-17-13 11:26 PM

my beef about budget haswell motherboards
If you notice that any haswell motherboard below $180 has done something different than the 2nd and 3rd gen core series for it's pci-e layout. All of the budget haswell motherboards are using a pci-e 3.0 3 slot configuration with x8,x4.x4 when a 3 way multi gpu setup is being used. Even when not used, any cards that use more than x4 are limiited to this constraint. I don't about you, but pci-e 8x is equal to pci-e 2.0 16x which I find ok in a multi-gpu system. When you drop below that standard and start using pci-e 2.0 8x equivalent for your second and third card, I see too much bandwidth sacrifice for proper gpu scaling to take place. When Ivy Bridge came out, I found it to be perfect for the budget gamer to get maximum potential from their motherboard,cpu and graphics. In other words ivy bridge achieved perfect balance for motherboard price points. For example, my p8z77-v lk has a pci-e 3.0 x8,x8 config for two way sli/xfire. The other slots are 3 pci-e 2.0 1x and a pci-e 2.0 4x. The two 1x slots are disabled that are between the two video card in multi-gpu when the 4x slot is used. The top 1x slot is still available. This is my ideal configuration for a current day motherboard. For the eqivalent motherboard in the haswell, you are paying a $40 price premium for the same. For the new user, the price premium isn't justifying the upgrade. The only reason I am doing a haswell upgrade from ivy bridge is to give my brother a stable and powerful system in the ivy bridge cpu and mb for xmas (see my sig for my bro, I don't find amd fx cpu's to be powerful for their price points nor stable in terms of temperature) and me going up to haswell as a xmas gift to myself. I know there are about 10-15 percent gains in haswell over ivy bridge. I just feel bad about how much rebranding and rebadging is going on with the hardware industry. Too many similar options that all look appealing. The question is for each user: which part or parts make sense to you in terms of a logical way of validatiing your purchase?

I originally was going to go with this:
gigabyte ga-z87x-ud4h mb ($199.99)
core i5 4670 cpu ($235.00)

Then changed my mind (didn't feel like buying a cpu twice meaning save money by iniitally buying a core i5 then buy a core i7 later that I wanted in the 1st place) is the following:
gigabyte ga-z87x-ud3h (the little brother to the ud4h with the same config as my p8z77-v lk which i explained above) ($165)
core i7 4770 (was going to go with a 4771 since I can't risk warranties with overclocking, but the 4771 is out of my price range along with the 4770k) ($320)

my validation is the following:
-my brother is happy with a better performing system
-I get a intel nic on my motherboard along with 6 sata 3 ports
-I get all usb 3.0 on the back panel
-I get a dual bios, backup to a backup
-when the time comes, potential for higher clocked ram vs. ivy bridge and more ram
-My brother pays part of the cost of the cpu and/or motherboard, mutual benefit
-most importantly, new tech to play with!


wheeljack12 12-19-13 05:09 AM

Re: my beef about budget haswell motherboards
what I eventually want to have is for all components possible, is a backup to those particular parts, for instances:

1. SLI two gtx 770's- if one dies, I still have one gaming graphics card. If both dies, I still have the intel igpu to keep me alfloat. (really wish intel would give up bga packaging on iris 5xxx graphics, if they did, I would have a valid 3rd option for gaming graphics)
2 ssd's-if one dies in the raid, I still have one to use as OS/apps drive
3-Two optical drives-faster disk to disk copying and backup to a drive just in case
4. Discrete sound card-if it dies, I still have the onboard sound as backup
5- Hardware raid card- if the HW raid card dies, I still have the onboard raid to use
6. Buy a kingston datatravler workspace 32 gb drive- fastest economical drive. yes it's a wtg drive since it transfers at 250/250mb read/write on usb 3.0. This is my drive of choice to take full advantage of usb 3.0's speed. Use my cheapo 8gb flash drive as backup.

As for the rest of the internal/external components, I would just change/rma as necessary as I would with the backed up components I have already listed.

My point being here is that the ud3h and the ivy bridge mb's I have chose/chosen are perfect for the above.

wheeljack12 12-20-13 05:30 PM

Re: my beef about budget haswell motherboards
I ended up getting a haswell xeon cpu instead of the 4770. I already have the motherboard at home. I ordered a e3 1245 v3 xeon 3.4 ghz (4770 eqivalent that is compatible with my mb and $20 cheaper) from newegg canada. Shipping from Mississuaga,Ontario (40 mins from home) so it will be here monday. Good thing I did my research because I would have went over budget with the 4770 for a 4 core,8 thread haswell cpu.

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